Monday, February 25, 2008


Kenya has historically hosted US forces on a short-term basis military Exercise, its capital Nairobi is in the hinterland, provided various US offices space to cor-dinate it's aid, Research and logistic services to various African countries, but what makes US involved in giving Salvos to PNU hardliners in Kenya?

The East coast would give US the proximity to the volatile Middle East, Horn of Africa and a forward position and “line of sight” to the region which offer it its greatest future global rivalry – China.


It seems it is not just the Kenya's Opposition that has lost faith in our country’s judicial system. Local Government minister, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, says he struck off Ms Esther Passaris’ name from ODM’s list of nominated councillors because of conflict of interest. Shouldn’t he have forwarded her name and argue out his case in court instead of assuming a judicial duty?

Still on the Passaris saga, the deletion of her name was based on the assumption that she was poised to become the Nairobi mayor. Even if the minister’s fears are genuine, he would have let her become a councillor and then block her from mayoralship. Does it mean Passaris does not even qualify to become an elected Nairobi councillor, Mr Uhuru?

When she won the Nobel Peace Prize, Kenya's Prof Wangari Maathai refused to heed the call of quitting the murky world of politics and preach global peace. Now that she is in the political cold, she has suddenly realised her more noble call and is desperately trying to make amends. Having swam in murky political stream, Palaver feels that she will have to work extra hard to remove the stain.

The three top contenders for the American president’s job are assured of a place in the American history regardless of who wins. If Barack Obama carries the day, he will be the first black US president. If Hillary Clinton prevails, she will be the first woman president. And if John McCain, 71, wins he will be the oldest person ever sworn-in as a first term US president. If someone else wins apart from the three, it will still be history!

And finally

If the proposed power sharing deal between PNU and her affiliates — including ODM-Kenya — and ODM sails through, who will become the leader of the Official Opposition? It becomes even trickier considering that many fringe parties represented in the House have lone MPs who are not the leaders of their parties.