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Thursday, January 29, 2015



Today at 12 Noon, We had a ruckus with the Protesting Teachers at TSC Headquarters, Nairobi Where I was taking some pictures of them protesting and demanded That I be locked at Capital Hill Police Station, Upper Hill.

I am said to be causing Trouble to them by advising and reminding them that, Mandera, is same as Kapedo, Mpeketoni and Other Insecure areas. Kudos to the TSC and the Government for refusing them their way.

I had gone there to Plead to them that, Being Citizens of this country, Some having served in VERY SECURE areas of NORTH EASTERN COUNTIES like Takaba, Bute, Wajir, Garissa, Moyale, Sololo and Even in Some Places like Elwak, Garbatulla, Balambala and Modogashe for over 10 to 15 years without any single bullet fired to them or had any issue with any of our communities, They should go back and work like other Kenyans, who include Government officers, Judges, Soldiers and even like Somalis who are also Kenyan Citizens...

You Know what, They have fabricated very many excuses so that, they get transfers including:

1. There are serious breaches of Insecurity where they can't even walk in the towns of Garissa, Wajir and Mandera.
 2. That, when we see them, ati we do call them Abid...meaning slaves. Where?
3. That, we force them or refuse that they go to their homes even on Holidays and when they decide, we kill them.
4. That, The Government has totally failed operating in that place.
5. That, we are so Naive, illiterate that we don't value education
6. That, Non-Muslims are killed every week.

Imagine all That. Now suppose we give them their way, Do you know what will happen next..The Government officers will follow, The Judges, The Police, Military and a total collapse follows...Further Marginalization..


Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Uplifting Somalia from the "Death Bed" is Now seen as Turkey's biggest achievement in the Horn of Africa and for the History of Somalia and Beyond, Says Ibrahim Ahmed, A Strategic Analyst and Researcher in the Horn of Africa adding that, Turkey is set to gain from Bilateral relations between the two countries more in the coming years.

Development cooperation between Somalia and Turkey is multi-tiered, and includes military, social, economic and infrastructural partnerships.

During the drought of 2011, Turkey contributed over $201 million to the humanitarian relief efforts in the impacted parts of Somalia. In partnership with the Somali government, Turkish officials have also launched various development and infrastructure projects in Somalia. They have assisted in the building of several hospitals, and helped renovate and rehabilitate the Aden Adde International Airport and the National Assembly building, among other initiatives.

Turkish Airlines became the first long-distance international commercial airline in two decades to resume flights to and from Mogadishu's Aden Adde International Airport.[5] In September 2013, the Turkish company Favori LLC also began operations at the airport. The firm announced plans to renovate the aviation building and construct a new one, as well as upgrade other modern service structures. A $10 million project, it will increase the airport's existing 15 aircraft capacity to 60.

In May 2013, the 1st Turkish-Somali Business Forum was launched in Istanbul to highlight commercial opportunities in both Somalia and Turkey for Somali and Turkish businesses. Organized by the Somali Council in conjunction with Somali and Turkish government ministries, the event included roundtable discussions on potential commercial ventures in both countries as well as business-to-business meetings between Somali and Turkish firms.

 In January 2015, Mohamud and Erdoğan concurrently inaugurated a number of new Turkish-built development projects in Somalia, including the Digfer Hospital in the capital. The new 200-bed Somalia-Turkey Training and Research Hospital was constructed by Turkey's international development body, the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA), in accordance with an earlier Somalia-Turkey bilateral agreement. It has a $135.7 million operating budget, $85.6 million of which is slated to be covered by the Turkish authorities over the next five years. The 13,500 square-meter indoor premises includes 20 incubators, 14 newborn intensive care beds, 12 intensive care beds, 4 operating rooms, a delivery room, and laboratory and radiology units, with general surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, children, maternity, urology, internal medicine, anesthesia, dental and ocular departments. It will be staffed by 91 Somali and 52 Turkish hospital administrators, head doctors, administrative directors or financial directors, as well as 40 Somali and 5 Turkish security personnel. Around 36 Somali assistants are also scheduled to participate in the facility's annual training program.

Additionally, Mohamud and Erdoğan launched a new terminal at the Aden Adde International Airport. The facility was built by Kozuva, a private Turkish construction firm. Both sides also agreed to formulate a city plan for Mogadishu, with new residences slated for construction. The initial building phase will target 10,000 homes, which Erdoğan suggested would be completed within 12 to 24 months.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This week, there was a Fundraising for Hadado Islamic Centre in Wajir where almost all MP's of North Eastern Counties of Mandera, Wajir and Garissa contributed to the tune of 7 Million Shilling for the construction of Islamic Institutions Like Madrasa, Mosques and Duksi (Informal Quraan Recitation School).

Thanks to Hon Duale, Kenya's Majority Leader who speaheaded the Whole program along with Hon Ore, Hon Senator Colow Who were the organizing Committee. We ask Allah to fill the hearts of our Muslim leaders and business to use their resources, energy and intellect for the development of Islam in Kenya. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Kenya will carry out documentation of illicit arms along international borders that are prone to attacks, a government official said on Tuesday. Cabinet Secretary for Interior Joseph Nkaissery said in Nairobi the circulation of small weapons poses the greatest threat to the country's security. "We recognize the fact that there are Kenyans who share borders with hostile communities and disarming them will leave them prone to attacks, hence our desire to license their weapons, even though illicit," Nkaissery said. 

"The security challenges facing the country are a matter of great concern and we must do everything possible to assure them of adequate security and guarantee them of safe environment that enables business and investment to thrive," Nkaissery said. 

He told a meeting of Regional Coordinators and County Commissioners in Nairobi that voluntary disarmament will also be carried out in cattle-rustling prone areas to address the problem of small arms and illicit weapons which are fuelling cattle rustling and ethnic conflicts.

"To ensure this is done, you should start mapping out areas with proliferation of small arms and light weapons so as to launch the disarmament exercise as soon as possible," the CS told the commissioners.

Monday, January 05, 2015


Kenya Somali citizens owned businesses including Those in Telecommunication, Banking, Real Estate, Construction, Engineering, Airlines, Hospitality, Oil and Petroleum Industry, Commercial Enterprise, Computers are said to be thriving at a high speed and this is encouraging.

Thursday, December 11, 2014



  • The Security Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2014, which targets to amend 21 statutes, seeks to introduce new laws that are set to change the way Kenyans handle security and provide, among other things, sweeping powers to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) to arrest and detain terror suspects for one year.
  • Without Giving Kenyans enough time to deliberate on this Important issue affecting all Kenyans, without taking suggestions, The National Assembly is looking to pass this Motion to ammend Security situation in the Country.
  • Senator Billow Kerrow (Mandera County) argues that "Significant involvement of the public in security matter will arrest the problem. The Government needs to focus more on ensuring security agencies and the local population have a good relationship to volunteer information, which would lead to the arrest of suspected criminal".
  • The opposition, Led by Rt. Hon Raila Odinga has criticised the amendment Bill, arguing that it infringes on freedom of expression, freedom of the media and Kenyans' right to privacy of Kenyans.
  • Opposition Leader, Moses Wetangula said" “It is not that we don’t have adequate laws on matters security, but we don’t have adequate WILL to fight insecurity,”
  • The mainline Christian churches(Catholic and Anglican churches) supports the Bill and asked the National Assembly to enact them with speed. They say "“We find poor coordination between our National Intelligence Service, the Kenya Police Service and the entire disciplined forces to be totally unacceptable".
  • " A police force bogged down with bureaucratic and weak command structures and an intelligence service that has lost touch with the realities on the ground can never be trusted to secure Kenyans,” Adds Anglican Church Bishop Eliud Wabukhala
  • Civil rights groups also opposes proposals to change security laws in the country.
  • Human Rights activist Maina Kiai terms the Bill “retrogressive and ill-advised” as he spoke on the sidelines of the annual conference of National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders – Kenya in Nairobi, Adding "If you are trying to deal with terrorism by giving more power to the police, then we are going to have a police state. “It’s dangerous and it will not solve a single problem. It will be misused, police will be picking anyone and shooting them.”
  • The proposed law comes two weeks after suspected Al-Shabaab militants killed 64 people in Mandera in two separate incidents.


A section of political leaders Wednesday criticized the move by Parliament to introduce new anti- terrorism laws deemed oppressive.The Opposition vowed to challenge the move in court as governors warned that the proposed laws could worsen the security situation. Six CORD senators termed the amendments contained in the Security Laws (Amendments) Bill2014 retrogressive and an attempt to undermine the Bill of Rights. The senators, led by Minority Leader Moses Wetang’ula, warned the National Assembly against passing the amendments, failure to which they would move to court.
The senators, led by Minority Leader Moses Wetang’ula, warned the National Assembly against passing the amendments, failure to which they would move to court. “The Bill, on the face of it, is derogation on the Bills of Rights which are guaranteed in the Constitution. Any attempt to undermine the Bill of Rights will be resisted, including in the courts," Wetang'ula told journalists at Parliament Buildings. He was accompanied by Johnstone Muthama (Machakos), James Orengo (Siaya), Amos Wako (Busia) Boni Khalwale (Kakamega) and Mutula Kilonzo Jnr (Makueni).


At the same time, the Council of Governors' chair Isaac Ruto warned that the proposed amendments will not improve the country's security but would create more dissent. "The Government should seriously look at the problems of security and address them effectively. What the country is facing now has nothing to do with the laws," urged Ruto. Mr Ruto, who is also the Bomet governor, warned the Government against taking away the liberty of Kenyans under the guise of addressing the runaway insecurity. DANGEROUS MOVE "What we are currently witnessing is a scheme to go back to the old ways and methods to restore security. These attempts are dangerous and this is not the right route to take. The Constitution heavily stresses on public participation," said Ruto. He continued: "Let us not take away the freedom of Kenyans in the pretence of tackling security concerns."The Security Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2014, which targets to amend 21 statutes, seeks to introduce new laws that are set to change the way Kenyans handle security and provide, among other things, sweeping powers to the National Intelligence Service (NIS) to arrest and detain terror suspects for one year. This is seen as negating the current legal provisions that allow police officers to arrest any suspect and present the same person in court within 24 hours. The spy agency would have powers to arrest and detain terror suspects whom the NIS officer 'witnesses committing serious offence, finds in possession of any object or material that could be used in commission of a serious offence or suspects of engaging in any act or thing, being in possession of anything that poses a threat to national security'. It also seeks to give powers to NIS to tap and intercept your communication without a court order, although a similar proposal was rejected a few months ago by Parliament. If the law is passed, the President will have powers to hand-pick the Inspector General of Police, with the approval of Parliament, removing the National Police Service Commission and other bodies any role in the competitive recruitment of the top cop. 

Among the likely casualties of the Bill are Muslims and journalists, Kenyans on social media who face a jail term of up to three years, a fine of Sh5 million or both for publishing or broadcasting photographs of victims of terror without the consent of the police and that of the victim.

"Any person who without, authorization from the National Police Service, broadcasts information which undermines investigations or security operations relating to terrorism commits an offence and is liable for imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or a fine not exceeding five million shillings or both," it adds. The penal code is also to be amended to provide that; "A person who publishes or causes to be published or distributed obscene, gory or offensive material which is likely to cause fear or alarm to the public is guilty of a felony and shall be liable, subject to if convicted, a Sh1 million fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, while a media house shall be fined five million shillings." This provision is targeting members of the public who share information on mobile phones and social media networks. If the National Assembly passes the amendments, Interior Cabinet Secretary will have powers to gazette and designate areas and time where public meetings, gatherings or public processions may be held, through the amendment of the Public Order Act. "Any person who unlawfully convenes, organises or promotes a public rally, meeting or processional or neglects or refused to comply with any law relating to public meetings commits and offence and shall be convicted. Apart from conviction, that person shall be held liable for any loss or damage as a result of the public rally." At the same time, landlords will be required to take details of their tenants which include name(s), ID/passport number, sex, email and telephone and present them to authorities on demand while those operating accommodation facilities will be required to keep similar records of their guests and submit them to police on a weekly basis.

Those found with weapons at places of worship face a jail term of 20 years, while those in charge of the same places will be held accountable for the same with a similar jail term if convicted. The opposition senators described some of the proposals as unconstitutional and seeking to return the country to the dark days of detention without trial and sedition, arguing this was an attempt to reintroduce some statutes that were repealed in the 1990s through the back door.

"We are slowly going back to the dark old ways if we will not be careful and the sacrifices Kenyans paid to expand the democratic space will be reversed," Orengo said. 

All Freedoms, including that of media, he warned that some of the provisions, especially on media freedom, were adding more insult into injury after the National Assembly passed two other laws – Media Council of Kenya and Information and Communications Act – which contain punitive clauses that impede the working of journalists. 

CORD senators accused the National Assembly leadership of sidestepping the Senate by introducing the Bill, saying Article 110 of the Constitution requires the two House speakers to consult on whether any Bill touches on county matters.

"Although national security is a mandate of the national government, it's nevertheless touching on counties and thus Senate must be involved," Wako, who is the immediate former Attorney General, said. Senator Billow Kerrow (Mandera) argued "Significant involvement of the public in security matter will arrest the problem. The Government needs to focus more on ensuring security agencies and the local population have a good relationship to volunteer information, which would lead to the arrest of suspected criminal".

Monday, December 08, 2014



This is Not Coincidence but a Licence to Open them to what is now called "Freedom"...Getting them Nude...and Show all their WARES...  Take it easy....Somali Girls are Proud of their Fathers....

Sunday, December 07, 2014


Mnamo mwaka wa Elfu mbili na tatu (2003), Rais mstaafu,Mwai Kibaki, alizindua mpango wa masomo ya bure katika shule za msingi za umma. 

Lakini je, wafahamu kuwa hata baada ya sera hiyo ya serikali, hali katika kaunti ya Garissa, Wajir na Mandera ni tofauti kabisa, kwani katika baadhi ya shule, wazazi ndio hugharimika katika masomo ya watoto wao, ikiwamo mishahara ya walimu; huku walimu walioajiriwa na serikali, wakilipwa mara moja kwa mwaka. Shadrack mitty amerejea kutoka maeneo hayo na hii hapa taarifa yake.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014



It is a Sad week, Sad Times for Kenya and The attacks that have happened in Mandera have severely affected us as the people of Mandera before and is now affecting many other Kenyans and hereby wish to give our statement on the Following:

1. That after even our condemnation of the criminal acts, The good people of Mandera have no hand in it.

2. That it's paramount that Kenya as a country protects and secures it's people of Mandera, It's border with all countries and liaise with local communities in extracting Intelligence and putting necessary logistics including standby helicopters to combat incidents of terrorism, banditry and maiming of Kenyans quickly.

3. The Mandera County Government should also work closely with National Government agencies without taking advantages and exaggerating precarious security situation in Mandera. More so, The County Headquarters sits in Mandera and being the capital city of Mandera County, necessary development in security Must be considered.

4. That the National Government provide security to all roads entering and leaving Mandera. It's paramount to Note that both Roads leaving Mandera, Rhamu and Arabia have security issues and it's our wish the Government provides escorts to vehicles plying the routes.

5. There have previously been lot of cases of killing of Kenyans including our own 9 Home Guards last year, hijacking of our Miraa vehicles @ GPS Co-ordinates 3.2824488, 41.3689451 and this shows gradual insecurity which we urgently want the Government to address.

6. Going by the history of Inter-clan clashes in Mandera, We are perturbed by the statements coming from Mandera County that travellers should not use the Arabia-Lafey Road. This is uncalled for and hereby confirm that whether you are plying Rhamu or Arabia Road, The situation is the same and should be treated the same.

Both the roads experience insecurity, The solution is not to STOP using Arabia but to find ways to increase security.


It is a Long way……While some of the solutions have been addressed here,

1. We urge the National government, in close co-ordination with the County Government to seal the Kenya-Somalia border with enough security.

2. The Government to work with both elected leaders and community elders from all clans living in Mandera for it's own intelligence and team work as this country is ours all and we need to work together.

3. As said by the Governor yesterday, The Government to take these matter seriously and try to treat this as only affecting Non-Muslims. We are also victims of the same and we are also Kenyans.

4. It's Not a religious War and it's the duty of the Government to treat all terrorism, banditry, maiming as a threat to all Kenyans irrespective of Muslims, Christians and so on.

Let the Government through the Kenya National Cohesion commission initiate consultations of bringing Kenyans of all Faith together.
The brutality of the criminal and terrorist perpetrators of these acts seems to have no bounds. All parties in Kenya should stand together in solidarity and decisive action against terrorism acts which are now Tarnishing Islam's Name.

We, The people of Mandera, will continue to stand by our country, Kenya and will join with all Kenyans in calling for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators. No political cause could ever be assisted by such immoral acts.”

God Bless Kenya.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


If you reading this Twitter Stuff from one Moses Kuria, a Gatundu TNA activist in Kenya, please understand that, this guy doesn't care of how he speaks against any other Kenyan provided he is not from His tribe.

Moses Kuria should watch his social media writings and what he says on Public lest putting himself and other Kenyans in Danger.

Police Inspector General, David Kimaiyo should tame Mr. Kuria before he injures National Cohesion Projects.

Kenyans are Watching......Kuria

Monday, November 24, 2014


Indeed this barbaric act of terror executed in Mandera is totally inhuman and unacceptable to any religious faith. 

It should be condemned and those behind it be dealt with mercilessly, by implementing what the govt vowed to do fully. Most importantly all applicable proactive measures/precautions needs to be taken to avoid recurrence of similar incidences in future. We stand with families and friends of all those affected at this time of sorrow.
While We join the relatives, friends and families of the victims of the heinous and beastly attack on innocent Kenyans, who were travelling home in a Nairobi bound bus, We do wish to condemn the access of evil, who planed and executed this brutal, inhumane and beastly act, may the souls of our departed colleagues rest in peace. 

This is a sad moment for all of us and as we grief, I call upon fellow Kenyans to exercise restraint and stay together as one, the aim of this attack is to polarize Kenyans through religion and we must not allow them to achieve this. 

While we do blame the government's Anti-terrorist unit and those security chiefs laying precedence for to days massacre, profiling of Christian citizens and executing them brutally and unfairly, it has always been the reactions of the government to profile members of certain community and religion in reacting to any terror attack, extrajudicial killings of prominent religious leaders, just for being suspects of radicalization, or being members of Al Shabaab, 

This in total disregard for the provision of law, that all suspects are presumed innocent until proved guilty, illegal detention, extortion and many other dehumanizing acts, this kind of reaction has always been said to be a win and win big for terrorist, the hon governor, Mandera county has a fortnight ago warned of an imminent attack by this insurgents, which were ignored,, and today we are treated to this agonizing situation, I, finally call upon the President, Hon Uhuru To sack the joy riders who head natural security and those officers who despite having been provided with intelligence report, decided to sit on the job.

We condemn such extremism and cowardly act in the name of islam.... Late last week, what happened the road between Mandera and Arabia the Evil killing of innocent travelers,killing mothers, teachers and doctors have no justification whatsoever in Islam.

Does Islam religion teach us kill such people... ..These people are insulting the Islam, it's a sort of Humiliation to the Muslim community.....where does Islam teaching ever killed innocent people whatever religion they may be, don't they have hearts feeling humanity at least....?
we are really sorry...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


In which event were you born? How the Kenya government determines age of pastoralists

Looking back at the past history of our people of Cushitic extracts or of like features residing in Kenya's Eastern and North Eastern Provinces (formerly the Northern Frontier Districts or in short NFD)-who share cultural and linguistic approaches-will, if we are truly serious about knowing part of missing Somali past, irradiate concealed treasures of chronologically historical episodes retrievable from the few surviving super-centenarian storytellers with narratives worthy of recitation-a sequence of events worth deciphering-that seem to be far from the reach of our local historians in far away libraries or for some unknown reasons that have not been documented to this day.

It is a history laden with courage and wit, maladies and famine that afflicted humans, wild and domesticated animals alike; it is one of murder, locust invasions, blizzards, rape, and cattle rustling; it details a cornucopia of occurences during the colonial adminsitration; it features immeasurable wealth of information regarding past tribal clashes between the Borana, Ogaden-Somali, Sakuye, Garre, Ajuran, Murille and Degodia tribes which dragged on for over a hundred years.

Ironically, since majority of pastotalists were illiterate, these events became a tool for ascertaining the exact birth dates for people of the same age groups as the few semi-literate able-bodied men familiar with the Gregorian and Hegirae calendars migrated to the towns in search of better prospects-most probably to work for the colonial administrations as spies, cooks, translators, watchmen, and as armed askaris (soldiers but in the real sense Administration Policemen locally known as "Duubcas" as they were known to wear turbans for headgear). 


What mattered most to these people about time was not birthday celebrations with cakes and cookies but having strength and equanimity, a wealth of livestock and sons, religious conviction, abundant water and pasture, poetic eminence, and dependable tribes during difficult times.

The sense of humor chronicled in these events despite containing vulgarities and utterly promiscuous exploits is not intended in any way or form to malign the good name or reputation of any entity or tribe but is being presented here in order to show cultural correlations between these tribes and their recorded important historical events.

Chronology of events

1901. Baahale civil war between Mohamed Zubeir, Auliyaha, and Bah-Geri.

1904. The year of Khalu. Perhaps he was a great Borana warrior who wanted to wage

war against Somalis but gave up the idea after he entered Kenya from Ethiopia.

1906. The year of devastating famine when all camels were eaten in Garisaa District

because they were the only animals available.

1907. Breakout of Mohamed Zubeir-Abdalla war.

1911. Borana commanded by Ali Buke fought the Somalis.

1912. Borana and Samburu fought at a place called Kome. Samburus were defeated.

1912. Abdwak-Mohamed Zubeir war ingintes.

1913. The Borana warrior, Kote, who was born without fingers on one hand, dies.

1915. Borana warrior Guyo Gutu dies after being killed by an elephant.

1917. Is remembered as the year when the Sakuye killed two Somalis and were

collectively fined 400 heads of cattle as compensation.

1918. Mohamed Zubeir-Auliyahan war kicks off.

1919. The year the Borana and Gabra could not reconcile forcing the Gabra to move to


1919. Auliyahan-British war.

1920. Sannadkii biyo fuud. A year of drought and the introduction of tea and sugar in Garissa District.

1921. Some Somalis crossed from Abbysinia and Somalia, including Murule and Degodia

1922. Koodhi kacarar. People escaped to Somalia to avoid paying poll tax.

1923. Kenya-Somalis crossed into Italian Somaliland.

1925. Borana killed a Somalia and were fined 100 heads of cattle as blood money.

1925. Sannadkii Saangur (Sankuri) ladhisay. The year Sankuri was built.

1929. Tribal war beween the Garre and Murille in Elwak. A year later, Skirmishes between Murule and Degodia happened in Balanshir.

1931. Angered by the killing of Borana by Somalis, the Borana, seeking compensation,

appealed to the District Commissioner, a Mr. Dadlocks, who in turn confiscated

Somali camels.

1932. Deer Fanta. Outbreak of Small pox.

1933. The colonial administration fined the Borana 1200 heads of cattle for the killing of six Somalis.

1934. British-Auliyahan war.

1935. Deer Ayax. The year of locust invasion.

1936. The year Garissa was built.

1937. Sannadkii caano arag. The year of abundant milk.

1937. Sannadkii kala carar. The year of pandemonium when people ran to unknown destinations in search of food.

1941. Sannadkii Lo' duraay. The introduction of veterinary services. The Skirmishes between Murule and Marehan

1944. A Borana named Abduba Ali was killed by Somali Shifta (bandits). The Shifta was killed by the Borana in retaliation.

1944. Sannadkii dhul qod. The introduction of dams.

1944. Mohamed Zubeir-Bartire war.

1946. The death of Sultan Sambul.

1946. The year people slaughtered young calves for food due to famine.

1948. Borana killed two Ajurans; fined 200 heads of cattle as compensation.

1948. Kadhaqso kudhufo. A war song warning a rapist to hurry up with his immoral act as the husband of the wife was coming to bay for his blood. It was a year of rejoicing for Somalis after a long drought.

1949. The year Sultan Maalim Muhamed was stabbed.

1953. Garabgooye. A killer disease that decimated cattle and elephants and anyone who ate them.

1955. Boran galaay. The year when many Somalis moved to Modogashe (Madoogaashe) and Borana land due to severe drought.

1956. Guskii caano teg. A young Somali man, who, after attaining age 20, raped every woman he met each time paying as compensation 5 to 8 cows until he ran bankrupt. He finally repented his sins.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (Census Bureau) deserves credit for chronicling such important historical events in its experimentation of past census exercises despite small margins of error.

From these events we are able to adduce evidence of incest in past tribal social makeups, territorial rivalry, and adverse living conditions-conditions dictated by mother nature in poor tribal societies-whose only source of income was livestock-livestock that solely depended on scarce rain followed by intermittent drought that decimated a great many populations scavenging for the few available resources in a vast desert-whipped Somali Abbo and Somali regions stretching from the Northen tip of Moyale to the southern terrains of Garissa.

Students interested in the history of NFD need exploit the atrociuos wars between the Auliyan-a sub clan of the Ogaden-Somali and the heavily equipped British Colonial Administration. Names like the Sakuye and Murille may at first sound non-Somali though the vast majority of these tribes concentrate in Wajir and Mandera respectively to as far as Moyale, Marsabit, and Isiolo in the expansive Eastern Province.

Though little has been mentioned about the exquisite Wardey-a clan that originally owned this vast region-students of history need to remember that their original name was Gabbra or Galla. Names like Hargeisa, Garbaharey, Afmadow and many other towns, places, and villages that now form Greater Somalia political irredentism, have their origin in Wardey vocabularies.

From the little historical knowledge we have about NFD, the first batch of men on horseback consisted of 250 Ogaden bachelor warriors who started their journey in the current Ogaden region occupied by Ethiopia almost three centuries ago traversing thousands of miles until they reached the foothills of Nakuru long before the struggle of Seyyid Muhammad Abdille Hassan-alias "Mad Mullah". These dedicated men intermarried with the Wardey and thus set up settlements for Ahmediya Islamic religious propagation.

Our absolute dependence on European colonial writings and our failure to undertake our own research has made the task of writing our own history redundant and obsolete. The governments of East Africa have not been much better as their inclinations to European colonial ideals retarded our young historians pursuit of our past. It took the combined efforts of three independent minds to spread Communism to the entire world. Karl Marx was not alone; someone published his ideas while a third figure disseminated his ideas-an idea that became an ideology to reckon with even to this very day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Kenya's President, H.E, Uhuru Kenyatta seen here with Kenya's Majority Leader, Hon Aden Duale Leaving A function in Nairobi, Kenya. Hon. Duale is the Most senior Most Somali in Kenya.

One of the core principles of the Jubilee Alliance is democratic leadership based on mutual respect and absolute commitment to nonviolence and the peaceful settlement of controversies. The United Republican Party is a key driver of this foundational commitment. We have been consistent and categorical about our pledge never to allow political competition or, indeed, any other disagreement degenerate to violence and bloodshed. URP is proud to be part of a leadership that has taken the lessons of 2007-2008 to heart.

That is why URP spares no effort to maintain civilised political discourse at all times. We have held PEACEFUL nominations as a party, and ALL our candidates PEACEFULLY contested the last General Election. Our party has always held PEACEFUL caucuses as well as public rallies. We take our commitment to peace and national cohesion very seriously, and will continue our pledge to deliver leadership committed to PEACE.

This is why we take great exception to the disingenuous slander perpetrated by ODM, vainly trying to connect recent disgraceful acts of political violence and lawlessness to URP. These despicable acts have been perpetrated in ODM/CORD strongholds or in connection with ODM agenda and initiatives. It is now a dismaying political reality that ODM is desperately addicted to political lawlessness and violence. To ODM, hired thugs, mayhem and bloodshed are indispensable components of nominations, elections, meetings or rallies. ODM cannot escape responsibility for their notorious tradition of violence by pointing fingers at URP or other civilised organisations.

Kenyans have lost patience with the recklessness of ODM, which tries to evade responsibility for violence through lies. We do not know which is worse: perpetrating mayhem, or compounding it with false witness. It is time for ODM to judiciously examine itself and see if it is satisfied with its unappealing traditions. ODM has an opportunity to mature into responsible, sober and democratic leadership which will make its followers and the people of Kenya proud. ODM must desist from attempts to delude itself by seeking a scapegoat in URP, or anyone else.

URP was born out of a principled rejection of ODM's culture of repression, intolerance, corruption and violence. ODM is obsessed with URP due to fear and envy. We have nothing in common. ODM must leave us alone.

Hon. Aden Duale, EGH
Majority Leader of the National Assembly

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



“That money is not yours. It is public money meant to improve lives,” Hon Aden Duale is said to have uttered at a ceremony at Massai Mara where Hon. Duale and Chairman of Governors exchanged political tones according to Media Reports which in one way or another adds “Political” cold war in many communities.

But what is the Problem.  The Majority Leaders in the Nation Assembly, Hon. Duale was just reminding his close friend, Hon. Isaac Ruto about “politics” by plainly trying to tell him, Can you say something else, that (Pesa Mashinani) has already been said over and over and already dealt with by Jubilee Team.

The Kenya Executive, H.E, President Uhuru Kenyatta ( Middle), Kenya's Deputy President (Right) and Hon. Adan Duale, The Kenya's Majority Leader (Left) having a Conversation at a state function in Nairobi recently.

With the Upcoming Referendum spearheaded to amend the constitution to suit politicians,
Hon Duale indirectly told Hon Governor Ruto that he was not qualified to lead the demand for more cash since he had not properly utilized allocations given to his county government. In any case, Duale told the Governor to concentrate on development issues that will benefit wananchi and save politics for 2017 and if he is paid to do just that, Duale's Group will deal with them "straight on".

In reminding Politicians to work for us Kenyans, Hon Duale always reminds them to work for Development, stop the blame game and instead offer solutions to the problems facing the country.

And that is just good in a sense.

He even once cautioned CORD leaders who have been holding a series of rallies and who have criticized the Jubilee Government by saying:

“Cord leaders should be accountable for what they say as they have formed platforms to propagate hate speech messages against the government of the day, which is in no way in the interest of Kenyans,” and "to allow the Jubilee Government to serve its term, and resell their policies ahead of the next general elections.”

He even directed them to table any grievances they had in Parliament where answers would be provided.

This is what I think is happening at the moment. Hon. Isaac Ruto now almost falls under this category.

The Chairman of the Governors Board normally addresses Sunday Rallies to attack the Government and he got his answers just right there...this time round.

Hon. Duale told Ruto who was seating pensively at the dias that; "Hii pesa ni ya Wakenya sio ya mama yako bwana. Hii pesa si ya baba yako? " (These funds belong to Kenyans and it doesn't belong to you).

Hon Duale just was plainly saying....The Money (Pesa Mashinani) Hon. Issac Ruto keeps telling Kenyans is not “his” alone. It is for all Kenyans and to add Insult to the Injury he has caused him, Hon. Duale Told him to account for the Money (The Bomet County) has lost, which is almost 184 Millions first before asking for some more money.

Kwani hio ni Mbaya....Your guess is as good as mine.

Hon Duale is a very kind mind for your information.  His constituents (say Muslims and Somalis) like him the way he is fighting for their rights. This is in order. We understand him.  It is an obvious scenario where every Kenyan Community defends their man. Remember the Rugut Transfer and ICC cases how politicians were swearing “ we will do everything in this world” to console and defend their “person”.

That said, In previous Instances, Hon. Aden Duale has been mis-understood: Take a case of where he was telling Terrorists to go and bomb their "own" country than bombing Kenya.The Video clip was greatly mis-understood.

“Why is someone listening to that clip selectively? I told the residents to help police in arresting suspects who are targeting our people. I asked why terrorism is targeting places such as Eastleigh, Garissa and Machakos,” he said.

In the case of Governor Ruto, Hon Duale was even far much better with him...He just reminded him, Kenyans are the "owners" of the Money he is talking about everywhere and it's their right to demand audit to the already given money before being given some more.  If the Governors can't account for the money, who is he to force on Kenyans. He added that the exact figure according to the Auditor’s report is Sh185, 696,194 that Ruto received from the Transitional Authority between April and June 2013.

He told the governor that the money he is pushing for belongs to Kenyans and not his own funds (Albeit In political wordings)....

“I made no bad reference to the Kenyan women. I simply said that in Kenya, there are two types of resources; private and public. In the case of a private resource, it belongs to a family thus I made it clear that the resources of Bomet County do not belong to the family of Isaac Ruto, which is represented by his mother and father,” Duale said.

If you are talking about hate speech, there are some serious instances. Compare the following alleged uttered words intended to stir ethnic hated were among others (sometime back)

1.      “Wakikuyu wahame Rift Valley mahali kulilimikiwa na madorobo”
2.      “Nairobi tokeni hii ni shamba la wamaasai”
3.      “Wajaluo wahame shamba la kuria hata tutatumia nguvu”
4.      “Vile mnavyojua, Transzoia ni yetu na wanasema ni Metropolitan ata Bungoma ni yetu na ata jina mnasikia, is(sic) tunawaambia hii katiba ikipita watu wa TransZoia wafunge virago vyao waende, wale wako Bungoma katiba ikipita vile vile virago waende”

Cabinet minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere, who once stood accused of inciting hatred against “Arab” settlers who he said had taken land from indigenous coastal communities, claims his right of expression was being “grossly violated” by the case.

Those are even crude words which Hon Duale will "never" say. So why all this Hullabaloo

Hon Duale has since dismissed his critics and reiterated that he will not relent in fighting for the rights of his people just like all leaders are expected.

Take it easy with Hon. Duale. He is our Leader. Find another means of removing him.

When Hon Moses Kuria (Gatundu) was summoned by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to clarify hate speech, he said he was not being malicious or tribal but was fighting terrorism even after saying:

“I want to state here categorically that if you are a terrorist you need to be very scared of Moses Kuria. When it comes to terrorism I have no regrets, zero regrets. I’m going to stand firm against terrorism and when I say ‘we’ I mean Kenyans.” He explained.

“When it comes to issues of cohesion I am one person who has been on the front line on promoting this commission. There is nothing wrong on that posting, if acts of terror continue in this country we have no control on what Kenyans will do, because Kenyans are angry about these matters. I was purely analysing and purely predicting. Actually I have got a battle with terrorist… I do not care which tribe they belong to.”

Hon. Duale, Go on and On. Kenyans are with you.