Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I wonder and ask Myself, How Emilio Mwai Kibaki won Kenya's election while Raila Odinga got more votes than him in Kenya's 6 provinces and Over 100 ODM elected MP's.

Three quarter of Kibaki's cabinet Ministers have been shown the door together with all MOI's sons.The majority of those who voted for Kibaki were Only His Gikuyu, Meru and Embus (GEMA)

The above copy borrowed from Kumekucha blog attests to this.

This is tantamount to playing games with Kenyans and we will NEVER accept that to happen in Kenya of today.

Police want to cancel Thursdays' One million man Match to Uhuru's Park citing reasons as Lack of enough security mechanism.Let them know that we don't want Security.

Raila says, the March MUST go on,

"This is a time for reconciliation, but there must be a basis for that reconciliation," Odinga told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.
"I am ready to talk to Mr Kibaki on condition that he is ready to admit before the people of Kenya that he lost the elections."

All ODM supporters are kindly advised to come forward to excercise their democratic rights.

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