Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Elizabeth Wangoi wails near the Kenya Assemblies of God church in Kiambaa, Eldoret, where more than 35 women and children were burnt beyond recognition. The women and children sought refuge there after their homes were burnt in violence over disputed presidential poll results



At least 30 people have been burned to death in a church in western Kenya, after seeking refuge from the mounting violence over last week's elections.
A mob attacked and set fire to the church in the town of Eldoret where hundreds of people were hiding, say police and eyewitness reports.
Dozens more are reported to have been taken to hospital with severe burns.

It comes as EU election monitors said the presidential poll "fell short of international standards". In an interim report, chief EU monitor Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said the tallying process "lacked credibility".
Four Kenyan election commissioners also expressed unease at the result, but the government denied any irregularities.


A pastor in Eldoret, Boaz Mutekwa, told the BBC that there were about 400 people taking refuge in the church, which belonged to the Kenya Assemblies of God.
He said the church was set on fire at about 1000 (0700 GMT).

He said most of the victims were members of the same Kikuyu ethnic group as the newly re-elected President Mwai Kibaki.

Other reports indicate there are over 3000-7000 people in police stations and Chruches ll over Eldoret and western Kenya.