Monday, January 11, 2010


We are already alarmed by your programme, TAHIDI HIGH, Which we assume will go on air around Tuesday at 7.30pm and which we feel will potray Muslims as terrorists. I personally saw your advert for the same. Kindly be advised that, we are against any media form that depicts Muslims or People who confess to ISLAM as a religion as Terrorists. Terrorists are everywhere and not neccesarily Muslims. There were IRA, Irish Republican Army which confessed to Catholic population.

Kindly, by this e-mail, advise your media house to find other ways of stopping that programme.

By This, if you don't desist, We are going to find appropriate measures to make Kenya's Muslim Community to view your media House as against Muslims....Find other ways of interacting with Muslims and not Mis-conceptions and stereo-typing.

Kindly send us a confirmation that, you will not air that part which shows Muslims as being terrorists.