Monday, January 11, 2010


Members of Ummah Defenders have requested all of you who are in Kenya or even overseas, to email, call or fax Kenya Citizen Television who are going to potray Muslims as terrorists on their Program TAHIDI HIGH on tuesday at 7.30pm. If enough of us call and complain we should be able to stop them from airing the show insha'Allah.

They can be reached on the following addresses

Royal Media Services Ltd

Communication Centre,Maalim Juma Road,Off Dennis Pritt Road

P.O Box 7468-00300 Nairobi,Kenya

Tel: + 254 (0) 202721415/6,2718506/7,Fax: + 254 (0) 202724220,2724 211

CellPhone: +254 (0) 722-202305/ 0735-969696,

Muslims are peace loving people. Anything that happens in the name of Islam should not be construed to mean Muslims are War Like people. There is a lot of mis-conception going on and this programme, because, it is being aired to conform to media Laws which prohibits any abuse of Divine Religions....

Shukran Jazakumullah khayr and remember this is the least you can do to defend the deen of Allah and Allah will surely reward you on Yawm-Al Qiyamah