Sunday, November 02, 2008

GO...GO...OBAMA !!!...!!!....

Look at the picture very well. What do you see...A happy Barack Obama, The Illionois senator, a man from a humble beginning, smiling all the way to his cap, The 44th presidency of the United States of America, The Most Powerful seat on Earth, granted by the American people. Sen. Obama, oh President Obama, for that matter, comes from a humble upbringing, in a mixed relation, A (very) white kansas woman and a (very) black kenyan man, who managed to bridge the divide of races, religion and much more.....for us Kenyans, we will be very happy to hear and see for ourselves, how someone from that kind of life, from one of the remote parts of Kenya, armed with an american dream of hope and change, managed to become the first black president in the history of USA.We will also want to see how America does or changes it's business with the rest of us.
Some of these pictures are of Obama's 2006 visit to North Eastern Province of Kenya. This is the same guy who many pundits had written off and is now welcomed by all of America to bring the much awaited hope and change into the faces of US citizens....Kudos Brother....Obama...God bless you.....Below, he is seen with the nomadic somali people of Northern Kenya.

The picture on your right is the one that shook very little. Wearing any kind of garb of any community in the world doesn't say you are them or share their ideals. It is part of respect for that community and we hope President Obama will one day come and visit his family's homeland.
Go......Go, OBAMA........!!!.....!!!