Sunday, November 02, 2008


Police were carrying out investigations on Saturday to decide what charge, if any, they would prefer against former Mandera Central MP Billow Kerrow.
But Mr Kerrow’s lawyer Haron Ndubi could not rule out the possibility of his client being taken to court. He said, however, that the offence police say he committed does not even justify his continued stay in custody.

He told the Sunday Nation: “The allegations being made against him (Mr Kerrow) are frivolous. But knowing police, I know they are likely to charge him in court.” and complained that police had barred him from seeing his client.

“We have not seen him since he was arrested,” he said, adding that he was finding out if he would be given bail.

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said his officers were still carrying out investigations to determine if the ex-MP’s utterances at a press conference amounted to incitement(of Garres against mandera security operation).Mr Kerrow would be freed only if he was found to have flouted no law, he added.

Mr Kiraithe said police would issue a comprehensive statement to state their position on the case as soon as they were through with investigations. Mr Kerrrow was arrested on Friday night. He was picked up by CID officers who first questioned him at their Nairobi headquarters before locking him up at the Gigiri police station.

Although it would not be appropriate to clock down persons who talk about certain operations, But Mr. Kerrow should have been at the forefront in condemning mstreatment of other clans like the Murules in Mandera by his own Bigger Garre community. He should have called a press conference before when Murulles were being persecuted by these marauding Garre people.