Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The US Ambassador in Kenya, Michael Ranneberger says he believes it is time the american people be led by an African-American, like Senator Barack Obama, to feel the change they are yearning for.

The era of being white and black in USA has long gone and many americans are geared to "vote" change they require in matters concerning foreign policy, economy and cohesion among various communities in the states.

Meanwhile, The family of Democratic presidential nominee, Senator Barack Obama in Nyang’oma-Kogelo Kenya are asking the police to protect them from harassment by journalists and outsiders.

Through a spokesman, Mr M. Abong’o Obama, the family said some people have been camping at their home since the Democratic Party contests ended with Mr Obama winning majority support from delegates over his rival, Mrs Hillary Clinton.

“We are still consulting, but it is something we would have to consider for the close relatives,” said Mr Abong’o. He said that as things stand now, the lives of some family members and property were at risk because all kinds of people were coming to see them.

Mr Abong’o, who is the senator’s half brother and first-born son of Barack Obama snr, says that even non-journalists have taken advantage of the media blitz to enter the home and speak for the family without permission.

“Under the current circumstances, it would be proper for the authorities to make sure that the family and their property are safe,” he said.Abongo says they have been considerations to put some conditions for visiting them and a number of wide-ranging conditions would be applied to journalists who wish to interview the family.

“It is only fair that the media give advance notice of their activities either to the family at Kogelo or my brother’s campaign office in the USA,” said Mr Abong’o.

Mr.Obama stands a great chance becoming the first mixed-race president of the United States, with a white Kansas Mother and a Black Kenyan father from Nyanza.