Sunday, January 06, 2008

I was reading this article on Samuel's Kivuitu , the Embattled ECK chairman and I find this man just very Coward.He thinks he ain't a coward.

This is the guy who put Kenya at the brink of a war.Ever have I dreamt of Kenya going to some sort of ethnic cleansing affecting the Gikuyus against other kenyans.I used to see Gikuyus as more mature but the fact that they were left behind in "democratization" says much.

Kivuitu looks more mature in his age but sounds "very foolish"...This are just my ramblings for now...coz I was watching the TV live feeds from KTN and there is no way, he can tell Kenyans he is a good man.

Raila Odinga was talking about ECK being infiltrated from time immemorial and nothing was done.

During Kenyatta's time, Gikuyus thought by alienating other Kenyans in economic and social means, Other kenyans were not noticing.They thought this will propel them to a more advantages in business and political circles.

It Must be remembered that during 90's when Jaramogi Odinga Oginga, Raila's father and Matiba were agitating for multi-partyism, The Reforms were not meant for Gikuyus or the Luos, it was for all kenyans.Because of that kind of reforms and support created by democratizing Kenya, Raila got an upper hand in 2002 by playing good politics, Where he decided to leave the presidency for his own but Kibaki, A gikuyu.By then, Kibaki was hospitalized after road accident.He only came in to humilate Raila and split the Rainbow dreams.
Everything went fine in 2002 because a Gikuyu was to become a president.Kenyans as Raila just said are not so naive to start fighting just for the sake while they are very peaceful people.

Kibaki and PNU, Outfits of the larger Gikuyu votes, also emanating from 90's agitation for real reforms and democratization, were supposed to see Kenyans as serious and not for jokes.They should have left their empty rhetorics and realize that Kenyans need REAL CHANGE.

Kibaki and Group, including Kivuitu are taking Kenyans 15-20 years probably where we were during the 90's and it's time for some more hard fought liberation to make Kenya free again.

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