Wednesday, January 17, 2007

(Wanjiru, is running for the STAREHE parliamentary seat) Nairobi-Kenya)

If there were any doubts about Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of the Jesus Is Alive Ministries (JIAM), now there are none. From now on, proud, vain and arrogant will be adjectives that will stick on her like a tick on a herbivore. How can a woman of God climb the pulpit and in front of national television spew out her virginity history and describe a man who could, for all practical purposes be the father of her two children, jigger infested?


Wanjiru has made her millions and has a cheering squad every Sunday, but they will never erase her past, however base she thinks it is. That picture James Kamangu Ndimu provided put to rest many begging queries. The pose in the photo is a 1970 one as was the mini-skirt. Granted, the twang-throwing bishop isn’t worth Sh3,000 now, but that was then. In any case, dowry isn’t the bride’s and she is not the one who should be complaining.


The bishop is a self-confessed witch, with black, white and red belts to boot. In civilised society, there can be nothing worse than associating with witchcraft. If that be so, what would it have cost the boss of JIAM to accept a liaison if any with Kamangu Ndimu? Nothing, for a woman has a right to leave a man and marry another.


When William Ruto becomes president, his will be an all-inclusive government. In other words, a Government of National Unity that Mwai Kibaki formed and Kanu was so opposed to that it even went to court over it. Though he is an ODM luminary who backs the Bomas Draft, he won’t cede his powers to a powerful prime minister. In the pecking order, the PM will be number three after a deputy president. Welcome to opposition politics!

STV introduced to SkyNews, the UK TV station where everything is breaking news and showbiz. But now it’s gone and been replaced by the dull and Voice of America. What’s happening?

And finally …

The Kenyan Government’s road plans are long on promises and short on action. Take the Thika Road one — the 45-km stretch from Pangani to Thika Town will be made three-way and all roundabouts removed by end of year. Just wait for the promise to go the way of the bypasses, Mbagathi Road and the dual carriage Mombasa-Malaba. (Signs of the election 2007)