Friday, January 31, 2014


Somalian native and fashion model, Ubah Hassan is the creator of Maji Umbrellas.

Her partnership with Oxfam has enabled her to design two umbrellas, the Blue Sahara and the Moonshade, that sell for $40 each and proceeds go towards efforts to provide clean water to the Horn of Africa region that is plagued with drought. The cost of each umbrella will provide clean drinking water for 20 people for a day!

Ubah Hassan, a supermodel of amazing natural beauty and even more amazing natural inner beauty.

Ubah is also an Oxfam America Sisters on the Planet ambassador. So, the next time you need a new umbrella or just want to help and don’t know how, purchase a Maji Umbrella and know you’ve made a difference! Be thankful for the rain! Bad hair days and all! We take the simple things in life, like water, for granted.

It is understood by assesments carried by local NGO's in Kenya's drought stricken areas that 90% of the households don't have water and the remaining 10% (with access of water, it is unclean leading to various illnesses. 

Ubah Hassan world-renowned runway supermodel is more than just a pretty face. Asides from promoting fashion trends around the globe, Ubah Hassan plays a large role in promoting social awareness for the drought and famine crisis in the Horn of Africa. 

As the ambassador of Oxfam’s America Sisters on the Planet and the spokesperson for the FEED program, this model/ activist knows the importance of taking action.

Ubah Hassan was inspired to expand her contribution to the global fight against hunger when in 2011 the United Nations declared a famine in her native country of Somalia. She created the non-for-profit organization Maji Umbrellas to improve the access of clean water within the Horn of Africa. With the $40 purchase of each umbrella, 20 people will be provided with a days worth of drinkable water. The profits from Maji Umbrellas also go towards funding sustainable solutions to water shortages, which devastates millions of people around the world. 

The word “Maji” in Swahili means “water” and Hassan hopes that when people are sporting her umbrellas they understand the role they are playing in helping to provide clean access to water. The umbrella also symbolizes the importance of rain, especially in areas where water shortages are persistent and major cause of death and diseases.

 According to the United Nations, 1 in 8 people lack access to clean drinkable water. Ubah Hassan knows first-handedly the feeling of constant thirst when she and her family fled warn torn Somalia at the age of 7. With such a strong personal connection to this cause Ubah Hassan is committed to bringing people together through her Maji Umbrellas.

 “As a model I promote luxury goods; handbags, shoes, couture clothing. But as an activist, social entrepreneur and native of Somalia, I know what real luxury is; access to clean water”- Ubah Hassan