Friday, October 31, 2008


What is happening in Mandera is pretty simple. There is this clan called Garre which has a superiority mind in Mandera. In My previous article, I indicated that Mandera is for Murulles, Garres and Degodias living together as neigbours. There is no clan which is dominant and the government has to take serious action incase any clan feels threatened.

The Government role is to provide security for it's citizen wherever they are and to claim the security forces are acting inhumanely after you are caught causing harm to others, is totally incredible. Why invite the government in the first place.

The Gharris have the tendency of interfereing in Murulle affairs. They want the Murulles to give them more land even after subdividing Mandera East in 1988 to make a second constituency for them in the name of Mandera Central. If they can't defend their own constituency, then there is no way Mandera East borders will be altered. This will never work this time. If you have a clear understanding of all Mandera clashes, you will realize that Murulles are the underdogs here and most of the clashes are started by the Gharris. They have the tendency to fight any clan near them. They had a serious fight with the Ajuuraan the other day, They had fought with the Boranas in Moyale and in parts of upper Isiolo, They had a very serious tension once also with the Mareehan in Elwak and now they are also at it with the Murulles.

The Government has in place several units of security personnel with enough investigative reports regarding the Mandera and it's environs. We don't need the "Wagalla Massacre" type of security operations at all in Mandera but the government has the moral obligations to protect others from harm by others who bully them. In an earlier report, The Nation has indicated that some Government employees in Mandera collude with the "Trouble makers" to entrench their activities and cause harm to other clans living in Mandera and this is true.

What needs to be done in Mandera is simple.

The Members of parliament, the Elders of various communities must preach peace and advise their communities to uphold their signed treaties. If this is not done, then the worst is set to arrive fast.