Saturday, October 18, 2008


As four people have been killed and 30 others injured including three policemen in a clash between Murulles and Garres in Mandera, questions have been asked as to who actually is a resident of Mandera......Mandera is inhabited by The Murulles, Degodia and Garres.

For a brief history of Mandera, you can read here

The clashes erupted near the Mandera east district headquarters after two rival clans, engaged each other over land and watering points. This normally happens as supremacy over Mandera district between Murulles and Garres is being determined.

Mandera East, a constituency represented by a Murulle, MP Mohammed Hussein alias Qaras of ODM bases the headquarters of Mandera and the whole of Mandera East. Election officials results for Mandera East are always announced in Mandera while results for Mandera Central and Mandera West are announced in other places.

It has to be noted that, the Garre clan in Mandera district has been accused of forging an alliance with their Garre kinsmen in Ethiopia and Somalia to normally create tensions and threaten many other clans including the Ajuuran who they fought in another district (Wajir) and the Boranas in Moyale. They are said to be backed by Ororsame section of the Marehaan, a section that has been in loggerheads with the Main Marehaan Eldera section.

The Murule have allegedly also forged an alliance with the Eldera section of the larger Marehaan clan of Somalia, which are a power house in the Gedo region of Somalia.

It's the Government urgency that is required to set things in order. If this is not done, you are sure to see a host of other issues and further clashes. We said time and again, we don't need to see these kind of clashes in NEP and Mandera must learn a lesson from what previously happened in Garissa and Wajir districts. These districts are now geared for development.