Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Ogaden region is facing the worst famine crisis coupled with military suppression and total subjugation from Ethiopian government.

Ethiopia also refuses to undertake human rights investigations into the Somali Ogaden Region and doesn't allow reporters there. It want's to keep the world out of Ogaden story, something that will never happen in 21st century.

The UN, IGAD, The UK, The US, Arab League nations must do something here now. If these nations wait, more disaster may happen pretty soon.

Why should we wait for that to happen.

Doctor Without Borders are reporting a humanitarian crisis in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia and Médecins Sans Frontières said 400,000 people, including thousands forcibly displaced when their villages were burned down, had little or no access to medicine due to a government-installed blockade.

MSF said that following an exploratory mission to Ogaden in July which revealed a "deeply precarious situation", repeated requests to work in the worst hit areas have been denied by both regional authorities and the government in Addis Abada.

Write to your congressman to report the humanitarian crisis in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia and demand pressure be put on those preventing aid to the people of this region. There are NGOs there trying to help but they are being prevented from saving lives.