Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Some 22 firearms consisting of three AK-47 rifles and a number of small arms have been surrendered to the police in Tana River District since March in the on-going peace initiative between Somalis, Orma and Pokomo communities.

Also handed over to the police by members of the Wardei, Orma, Degodia and Pokomo communities as part of a peace promotion initiative were 634 bullets and 12 magazines. Police also recovered other arms during their normal security operations in the district.

Coast provincial commissioner Ernest Munyi on Monday received the firearms at Hola stadium in Tana River during the celebrations to mark International Peace day. He said the voluntary surrender of the firearms signified the end of conflict between communities living in the district. He urged the communities to continue giving up the firearms to the police.

The ongoing operation to mop up the firearms began in March this year. Bura MP Nuh Nassir called on the Government to fulfil its duty of providing security to the wananchi.

“The challenge now is for the Government to increase the number of police stations in the district. There are only three police stations for over 50 villages,” said Dr Nassir.

The legislator urged the Government to ensure that each village has a police station or post.
He said that if the Government did not have resources to provide security it should give firearms to disciplined youths in the district who would provide security for free.

Chairman of the district peace committee Aden Ebrahim Ralle urged the Government to give chiefs and their assistants security personnel to help them fight insecurity. Resident Mzee Abdi urged the Government to arm home guards since the communities had voluntarily surrendered the firearms.
He said the residents wanted Madogo and Bangale police stations to be put under the Coast provincial police chief instead of the North Eastern provincial police officer.Communities living in Tana River District have in the past fought over pasture, land and even cattle rustling, leaving behind a trail of deaths and destruction.