Saturday, May 24, 2008


Wajir North constituency made Kenyan electoral history at the polls last December when the two top candidates garnered the same number of votes, forcing the Electoral Commission to declare a “no result”.

This contestant on the left is called Dr.Abdillahi Ali Ibrahim, a medical doctor by profession has represented the constituency in Parliament since it was carved out of Wajir West in 1997 is fighting it off with Mohamed Gabow of ODM who recorded a tie of 3,675 votes in the December 27, 2007, poll.

North Eastern Province voting population may be insignificant by national standards, but the province remains crucial during presidential elections because of the 25 per cent rule — the winning presidential candidate must secure more than 25 per cent of the vote in at least five of the eight provinces.

Currently, ODM and PNU have five MPs in North Eastern, and a win in Wajir North would give the victorious party bragging rights on dominance in the province.

During last years election, ODM campaigned on improving the lives of people from NEP, hence the creation of Ministry of Northern Kenya, headed by Ibrahim Elmi.

ODM leader Raila doinga has also pointed out that the biggest slaughterhouse in Kenya and Eastern Africa may be built in NEP.

Dr.Abdullahi boast a good development record during his tenure by helping put up madrassa schools in the constituency.He also helped the locals to build mosques.

ODM's Gabow, has a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Nairobi, stepped down for Dr Ibrahim in 2002.

He now says it his turn because, he claims, Dr Ibrahim has failed to deliver.