Saturday, February 16, 2008


Although US president Bush has "urged" a power Sharing agreement in Kenya, Talks led by Annan seem a ray of hope for many Kenyans like me.....

Kenya is almost becoming a failed state, due to the following missing parameters of development required in a proper society:

Proper form of human political development, In equality, Nepotism and so on.
Inefficient Law and order, Bi-partisan police departments,
Respect of rule of law, Corrupt Civil servants
Transparent and independent judiciary,
A vibrant civil society, that can withstand the regimes
Genuine free and fair periodic elections,
Accountability of security apparatus to civilian rule and applicable law and supremacy of and fidelity to the constitution.

It is disastrous to see "Failed" states including Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda and Somalia, countries which do not know the meaning of elections & are bottom in every global ranking of achievements taking the initiative to help us.........

This is the worst we have sinked and more is yet to come..if hardliners like Martha Karua are not contained to yield fruit to the on-going Annan Led Talks.

It has figured out that when our Colonial masters, Britain demands accountability in our processes, we shout ourselves hoarse proclaiming that we are a sovereign state. The same people who shout the loudest do not trust our education system as their children are studying in Britain or the US. We must walk the talk. British schools and universities are ranked near the top in every score in the world.

When we resubordinate ourselves to Britain, the only thing we shall lose is our poverty and backward economy.