Wednesday, February 13, 2008



It’s official – Musikari Kombo has no more horses to trade, Palaver can report. Once mighty Ford-Kenya is down, thanks to Kombo who sees only Kombo. When Kenyans are talking about rigged elections, truth, justice, peace and resettlement, Kombo is worried about Kombo’s political irrelevance. Kombo is threatening to quit PNU because Kombo was not nominated. Kombo needs to reflect on how Kombo might have contributed to the electoral crisis, and escalating it by strategic silence on important national issues.

Different Kenyans have different worries. While many have died and sleeping in chilly wet tents, away from their homes, some are concerned about losing weight and who shot or slapped whom. Jimmy Kibaki must be living in a different world where losing weight is a priority.
First son, you have a future, join Kenyans in reconstructing this bleeding country, with honesty and a heart large enough to see beyond the self.

Three weeks after former Agriculture Minister Kipruto arap Kirwa promised to go on strike unless the suffering of the displaced is sorted out, he is yet to act. But Kirwa does not have to starve himself to make the point. All he needs to do is to ask how, over the last five years, he helped to nurture the monster that haunts Kenya. Perhaps Kirwa could remember explosive ‘Standard’ reports on ‘Unequal Kenya’ and ‘Tribal Kenya’. These are the issues underlying the violence.
A hunger strike is not part of the solution, but truth and justice to millions of the excluded citizens are. Shout this out from the top of Cherangani Hills.

And finally …

PNU wants ODM to take up official opposition in Parliament. Is this an admission that PNU with 43 elected MPs is not strong enough to offer a strong opposition against ODM’s elected 99? Given what’s happened, insensitivity to criticism and officialdom’s indifference to public opinion, will who ever forms government listen to the Opposition? Palaver thinks the place to begin is constitutional reforms to tame impunity.