Tuesday, July 25, 2006


There was uproar in the parliament sometime back when The Current assistant Minister for Local Government of the Republic of Kenya, Shaaban Ali Issack asked Mr. Fred Gumo, who was by then an assistant minister of Information Himself,

Read this...

It looks like a joke but it's a goverment statement from one of it's Ministers...

Appealing to The Nomads

Fidelis Gumo may not know Lady Antoinette. In fact, he may not care much about her besides wondering why a mere "mwanamke" should command a bigger jeshi than his.

But the two are really cut from the same insensitive cloth. Just as the French lady advised disaffected peasants rioting over bread shortage to try cake instead, the Information assistant minister thinks those who can’t access KBC shouldn’t complain.

They should try CNN. And showing genuine disbelief, Gumo wondered how come such simple logic has failed residents of Mandera and other northern regions.

"You mean you people don’t get CNN?" wondered a bewildered Gumo as he removed his glasses.

"May be it is because of your kuhamahama (nomadic lifestyle..you know nomads shift with their animals from place to place)" he told hopeful Mandera East MP, Isaack Shaaban.

The MP only wanted to know whether his constituents would ever receive KBC radio and TV(The Kenya's TV and Radio)

Well, not soon according to Gumo.

There has been a 10-year plan to reach out to the whole country. That needs at least Sh1 billion. And the fact is "hakuna pesa" (there’s no money).

The MP thought this unfair.

Starved of communication, some communities "still think Moi is the President," he muttered.