Monday, July 24, 2006

Rogue lions maul four in Garissa-Kenya
By Victor Obure

Four people were killed in two separate incidents after a pride of lions went on the rampage at the weekend.

Witnesses said the animals mauled three children in Modogashe division while another killed a farmer in Bura division, Garissa District.The attack brings to eight the number of residents killed by lions in two months.

The children, including a 28-day-old baby girl, had been left sleeping alone in a makeshift hut after their mother joined villagers who were scaring away the lions that were attacking their goats.

Local deputy police officer, Johnstone Limo, said villagers had confronted the rogue lions, but fled when more animals emerged from the thickets.He said the animals then invaded the manyattas, which had been left unguarded near Bulla Secondary School, killing 34 goats.
It was only after the pride retreated that the villagers emerged from their hideouts to count their loses.

Doctors at the Garissa Provincial General Hospital yesterday referred a girl, 11, who sustained injuries during the Saturday evening attack, to the Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment.

And local civic leaders criticised the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) for failure to contain the animals.

They threatened to poison about 10 lions, which they said were on the loose, if action was not taken within one week.

Modogashe councillor, Siyad Sahal , said a pride of 10 lions was marauding the area.
Siyat Nuur, Banaane civic leaders, said lions from Kora National Park had forced pastoralists to abandon their grazing fields.