Thursday, December 10, 2015


By Mohameditto De Fangudez Aliow

 Courtesy of Kenya Today Online News

The previous election period was marked by series of fake promises which was deliberately aimed at deceiving citizens from Northern Kenya so much so that they vote in the incumbent government. 

The hoodwinked children of lesser god unanimously said YES to jubilee government, little did they knew that they were digging their own grave.

For the Kenyan citizens with somali roots, the going got tougher long time ago. It is now viscous for that matter. The conundrum circumscribing somalis in Kenya is oodles. From the selective form of administration, connotation with the phrase “KENYAN SOMALI”, the battle to claim identity, segregation and suppression in decision making platform among others, Somalis will soon dine with the pigs. 

The jubilations and celebrations minutes after inception of the regime in Northern Kenya was beyond description. We thought that we will soon say goodbye to segregations. Emanuel. But our celebrations were brought to halt. Even after years of jubilee government being in power, we never saw signs of hope. The roads were better of it was than it is. 

Surprisingly, it is only the “KENYAN SOMALI” who is unsure of his own identity even when carrying the identification paraphernalia. The cop at the police check is praying day in day out to be posted to a somali based region. This begs the question, are we paying for being light-haired. Obviously that is by nature. The jubilee government has provoked our spirit of being somalis. It has suppressed our feelings. It has acted in manner that likely suggest that we are nothing but a bunch of persona-non-gratas. The candle is extinguishing. It is not going to be rekindled. Again. It is was only yesterday that residents of Mandera were flummoxed and surprised by the mass graveyard which is most likely to have been orchestrated in the name of availing security. 

My words won’t suffice my feelings but the ball is in your court. The somalis need to wake up. This is the hour of need. Let the deaf hear your stand. Time will pass. Tomorrow you will stand out to cast your vote. Vote wisely. 

Earlier Yesterday, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has just concluded addressing thousands of Mandera county residents in Bus Park grounds, the former Prime Minister was given a super warm reception in a county where all elected leaders belong to DP Ruto’s defunct URP Party.

Prime Minister also delivered a powerful pro-devolution speech to the Mandera County Assembly. He was hosted by County governor Ali Roba and Senator Billow Kerrow Who was later Arrested With MP's Shaaban Ali Issack(Lafey), Eng MP Mohamud (Takaba) MP Abdille(Mandera Town)

Former Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga at Mandera County, Northern Kenya Pictures 

The only university burgeoning in the region has gone to the dogs, the youths are running short of energy to line up under the scorching sun, The merciless heat of the sun landing on their forehead forming patched rings. 

Ealier the former PM condoled with the six children of slain widow Isnnian Mohamed whose body was found burried in a shallow grave about 35KMs from Mandera. 

Accompanying the CORD Leader were Hon Abdikadir Ore, Hon Junet Mohamed, Speaker Hon Farah Maalim alongside several other leaders from the frontier counties.

Don’t vote for your demise. Shall you, then the only thing that you learnt from history is that you learnt nothing from history. I said it yesterday and will keep on saying for umpteen times that he who puts his hands in the anus knows the very best way to remove it out. 

Don’t allow to hold the shortest hand of the stick when your opponent is handicapped. Don’t walk with the tail between your legs. .