Wednesday, April 08, 2015


Kenyan demonstrators rally in support of Kenya's military incursion into Somalia and demanding that AlShabaab STOP it's terrorist actions in Kenya or else, It has reached a peachpoint. 

The Government of Kenya Meanwhile has frozen 86 individuals and organizations Bank Accounts among them Hawalas, Money Transfer Business for allegedly funding terrorism where some have denied the allegations. 


Following the Garissa massacre last Thursday in which 147 University Students have lost their lives, Somali Leaders from Kenya's North Eastern Province said they would name terrorists, financiers and sympathizers in a week to prevent other attacks. They said, Somalis need to STOP these people in causing problems in Kenya.

The list is as follows:

1. Mohamed Kuno aka Gamadheere
2. Abdifatah Abubakar Abdi
3. Ahmed Iman Ali
4. Fuad Abubakar Abdi
5. Erick Ogada
6. Abdikadir Mohamed Abikadir alias IKrima
7. Maalim Abass Guyo
8. Dahabshill Money Transfer Company
9. UAE Exchange Money Remittance
10. Kendy Money Transfer
11. Continental Money Transfer
12.Amal Express Money Transfer
13.Juba Express Money Transfer
14. Iftin Express Money Transfer
15. Kaah Express Money Transfer
16. Amana Money Transfer
17. Bakaal Express Money Transfer
18. Hodan Global Money Remittance and Exchange
19. Tawakal Money Transfer
20. Flex Money Transfer
21. Legend International Consulting

22. Abdiwali Hajir Sheik.
23. Mohamed Girad Sheik Abdulahi.
24. Hassan Ibrahim Kasim J/A.
25. Mohamed Abdi Muhumed.
26. Bashir Mohamed Hashi.
27. Alyce Seraphine Sway
28. Abdullahi Mohamed Salat.
29. Moulid Garad Sheik.
30. Bashir Mohamed.
31. Sky Forex
32. Ali Hassan Sagar Aka Qathar.
33. Faisal Ahmed Nuur Amaje Aka Faisal Ahmed Mohamed.
34. Mabkhut Idha Bukheit.
35. Bashir Abdirahman Mohamed.
36. Abdi Kassim/Osman Abdi Kassim.
37. Mohamed Sheik Osman Egal.
38. Mowlid Khalif/Moulid Khalif Ali.
39. Yassir Mohamud Ahmed.
40. Ahmed Harob.
41. Ali Hassan Gure Aka Ali Baba.
42. Sehikh Hassa Abdirahman.
43. Sayed Abdullahi.
44. Agency for Peace and Development.
45. Haki Africa.
46. Muslims for Human Rights Group (Muhuri)
47. Abdi Ibrahim Haithar alias Agwein Aka Gamadere.
48. Ainul Qamar Lodge and Hotel.
49. Sheik Mohamed Umal
50. Abdillahi Mohammed alisa Abdullahi Mrefu
51. Abass Ibrahim alisa Abass Kidogo
52. Ali Dumaa’al
53. Abdifatah Yare mohamud.

Kenya has 3 Million Ethnic Somalis who live in more than Four Counties, Mandera, Wajir, Garissa and Isiolo

54. Abdalah Godana.
55. Mohammed Hassan Duale.
56. Abdi Gedi Amin.
57. Ali Bashir Hassan Adan.
58. Ali Gedi Ali.
59. Mohamed Yarrow Adan Mohamed.
60. Abdullahi Mohamed Holale.
61. Turan Adan Hirsi Sheik.
62. Mahbub Abdullahi Adan.
63. Abdullahi Yusuf Farah.
64. Mohamed Ahmed Bedel.
65. Abdi Mohamed Dahiye.
66. Ahmed Adow Omar alias Qalbi-Safi.
67. Kuni Elle aka Dikus.
68. Hussein Gosa Worku aka HG.
69. Nyacke Sike.
70. Rashid Sora.
71. Abdi Boru.
72. Abdi Ibrahim Adan.
73. Rashid Ali Guyo.
74. Ali Hassan Mahat.
75. Mohammed Mulki.
76. Abass Kubwa.
77. Mohammed Abdi Kesy.
78. Dekow Adoon.
79. Hassan Tagar.
80. Abass Derow.
81. Ibrahim Kobia alias Kamukunji.
82. E Coach Company
83. City to City Services
84. Sabrin Bus Services
85. G Coach.
86. Laban Hussein Degel

Two of 86 individuals and organisations whose accounts will be frozen by the government for allegedly funding terrorism have denied the allegations. - See more at:
Two of 86 individuals and organisations whose accounts will be frozen by the government for allegedly funding terrorism have denied the allegations. - See more at: