Wednesday, December 03, 2014



It is a Sad week, Sad Times for Kenya and The attacks that have happened in Mandera have severely affected us as the people of Mandera before and is now affecting many other Kenyans and hereby wish to give our statement on the Following:

1. That after even our condemnation of the criminal acts, The good people of Mandera have no hand in it.

2. That it's paramount that Kenya as a country protects and secures it's people of Mandera, It's border with all countries and liaise with local communities in extracting Intelligence and putting necessary logistics including standby helicopters to combat incidents of terrorism, banditry and maiming of Kenyans quickly.

3. The Mandera County Government should also work closely with National Government agencies without taking advantages and exaggerating precarious security situation in Mandera. More so, The County Headquarters sits in Mandera and being the capital city of Mandera County, necessary development in security Must be considered.

4. That the National Government provide security to all roads entering and leaving Mandera. It's paramount to Note that both Roads leaving Mandera, Rhamu and Arabia have security issues and it's our wish the Government provides escorts to vehicles plying the routes.

5. There have previously been lot of cases of killing of Kenyans including our own 9 Home Guards last year, hijacking of our Miraa vehicles @ GPS Co-ordinates 3.2824488, 41.3689451 and this shows gradual insecurity which we urgently want the Government to address.

6. Going by the history of Inter-clan clashes in Mandera, We are perturbed by the statements coming from Mandera County that travellers should not use the Arabia-Lafey Road. This is uncalled for and hereby confirm that whether you are plying Rhamu or Arabia Road, The situation is the same and should be treated the same.

Both the roads experience insecurity, The solution is not to STOP using Arabia but to find ways to increase security.


It is a Long way……While some of the solutions have been addressed here,

1. We urge the National government, in close co-ordination with the County Government to seal the Kenya-Somalia border with enough security.

2. The Government to work with both elected leaders and community elders from all clans living in Mandera for it's own intelligence and team work as this country is ours all and we need to work together.

3. As said by the Governor yesterday, The Government to take these matter seriously and try to treat this as only affecting Non-Muslims. We are also victims of the same and we are also Kenyans.

4. It's Not a religious War and it's the duty of the Government to treat all terrorism, banditry, maiming as a threat to all Kenyans irrespective of Muslims, Christians and so on.

Let the Government through the Kenya National Cohesion commission initiate consultations of bringing Kenyans of all Faith together.
The brutality of the criminal and terrorist perpetrators of these acts seems to have no bounds. All parties in Kenya should stand together in solidarity and decisive action against terrorism acts which are now Tarnishing Islam's Name.

We, The people of Mandera, will continue to stand by our country, Kenya and will join with all Kenyans in calling for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators. No political cause could ever be assisted by such immoral acts.”

God Bless Kenya.