Monday, November 24, 2014


Indeed this barbaric act of terror executed in Mandera is totally inhuman and unacceptable to any religious faith. 

It should be condemned and those behind it be dealt with mercilessly, by implementing what the govt vowed to do fully. Most importantly all applicable proactive measures/precautions needs to be taken to avoid recurrence of similar incidences in future. We stand with families and friends of all those affected at this time of sorrow.
While We join the relatives, friends and families of the victims of the heinous and beastly attack on innocent Kenyans, who were travelling home in a Nairobi bound bus, We do wish to condemn the access of evil, who planed and executed this brutal, inhumane and beastly act, may the souls of our departed colleagues rest in peace. 

This is a sad moment for all of us and as we grief, I call upon fellow Kenyans to exercise restraint and stay together as one, the aim of this attack is to polarize Kenyans through religion and we must not allow them to achieve this. 

While we do blame the government's Anti-terrorist unit and those security chiefs laying precedence for to days massacre, profiling of Christian citizens and executing them brutally and unfairly, it has always been the reactions of the government to profile members of certain community and religion in reacting to any terror attack, extrajudicial killings of prominent religious leaders, just for being suspects of radicalization, or being members of Al Shabaab, 

This in total disregard for the provision of law, that all suspects are presumed innocent until proved guilty, illegal detention, extortion and many other dehumanizing acts, this kind of reaction has always been said to be a win and win big for terrorist, the hon governor, Mandera county has a fortnight ago warned of an imminent attack by this insurgents, which were ignored,, and today we are treated to this agonizing situation, I, finally call upon the President, Hon Uhuru To sack the joy riders who head natural security and those officers who despite having been provided with intelligence report, decided to sit on the job.

We condemn such extremism and cowardly act in the name of islam.... Late last week, what happened the road between Mandera and Arabia the Evil killing of innocent travelers,killing mothers, teachers and doctors have no justification whatsoever in Islam.

Does Islam religion teach us kill such people... ..These people are insulting the Islam, it's a sort of Humiliation to the Muslim community.....where does Islam teaching ever killed innocent people whatever religion they may be, don't they have hearts feeling humanity at least....?
we are really sorry...