Thursday, October 31, 2013


CNN reporter Nic Robertson visited Eastleigh, A somali Neigbourhood in Nairobi, Kenya where he says, Christian and Muslim preachers are often seen discussing key religious issues, with opposing sides putting forward their arguments to refute the other’s claims about their religion.

In the report, CNN interviewed one Saad Omar Nasser, a new 23-year-old Kenyan Muslim Convert from Christianity.

 “I feel Islam is complete, Everything you want to know (about it), every inquiry you have, you [will] automatically… get an answer [for it].” Saad Omar Nasser tells Robertson, a Kenyan who, after 18 months of soul-searching, decided to change his religion from Christianity to Islam.

Nasser says, Before he made the life-changing decision, he used to listen to the debates between Muslim clerics and Christian pastors who battle it out in the streets of Nairobi and who speak on the Muslim-Christian relations as shown in this picture.

Muslim cleric Yahya Issa, one of the preachers, tells CNN reporter Nic Robertson that between five to 10 Christians convert to Islam after they watch their debates, which have subjects like, Is Jesus God, is Jesus, The son of God or Just a Prophet, Who started Christianity and so on. The CNN reporter said Nasser had converted to Islam in September.

The CNN reporter claims that, In the wake of the Westgate attack in September and with the news the network claimed in a recent report that al-Shabaab is working to recruit vulnerable youths in Kenya, new converts, is an easy way for Al- Shabaab’s tactics: radicalizing the new converts.

Is this a quick way for Kenyan youths to be radicalized? or are the Kenyan Youth, who are mostly idle, jobless being radicalized by Al-Shabaab in quite a number?

While this may be true, but in the CNN report, which runs for about three minutes, Robertson says, they have not seen a new convert who said he has been radicalised adding , We have not heard or seen a Muslim cleric(preacher) who is preaching hate against Christians or the killing of non-Muslims.

 According to the CNN, Nasser’s change in faith is worrisome.

“There are no nationally publicised government figures here for the number of conversions, and in the aftermath of the Westgate mall attack [the conversion] has some people here concerned,” the CNN reporter says.
The problems with the Interview is that, Robertson has interviewed only one man, Robert Ochalar, who runs a US-funded organisation that combats extremism in Nairobi neighborhoods. According to Robertson, Ochalar tells him that “Muslim converts are on the increase and radicals prey on their innocence.”

“They are being taken over by these young radicals who take [the converts] in and then distort the whole religion,” Ochalar says. Islam is against terror, killings and all the filth you hear about the world now. That is why it is the only religion which continues to make new recruits.

In the CNN report, it is worth to note that, no Muslim preacher has was heard or seen preaching hate against other people or the killing of non-Muslims.

CNN also didn’t even interview any official from the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, the highest body representing Muslims in Kenya, to ascertain the depth and breadth of radicalisation of young Kenyan Muslims.

With no evidence, CNN claims that al-Shabaab, which attacked the Westgate mall in the same month when Nasser converted to Islam, is at work trying to “recruit vulnerable youths in Kenya.”
“In Kenya’s overcrowded, mostly moderate mosques, new converts have never been so vulnerable,” Robertson concludes in his report.

Moderate mosques? CNN might need to explain what that means  (but I think they are trying to show Islam has extremists just like Christianity and other religions...)

The Only problem is twisting anything Islamic without due regard to Islam as a religion and it's followers...If you need to Know, just read this article, which has a heading....

According to CNN, Conversion to Islam Means ‘Conversion to Terror’ by Sahan Journal

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