Monday, September 23, 2013


Somalia Ambassador to Kenya, Mohamed Ali Noor (Ameriki) giving Blood to Westgate Victims at Nairobi

As a Patriotic Kenyan-Somali am so Heart Broken and dissapointed right now, The Country has lost more than 70 Innocent Lives, More than 180 Seriously Injured and 100 still being held as Hostages inside the mall. To the Families of those who have lost their loved ones, i send my deepest sincere condolences...My Dear Kenyan and Non-Kenyan Brothers and Sisters lets all #PrayForKenya.

This guy is a Kenyan Soldier of Somali Origin largely "rumoured" to have helped hostages at the time of attack at Westgate, Nairobi.
I am sure that there is a Kenyan somewhere who knew that this was going to happen and just kept quiet. I am talking of the Kenyans at the Immigration department who in one way or another allow aliens into the country by granting them IDs and passports after receiving a bribe, am talking of the greedy Kenyans at our boarders who provide safe passage to aliens after being compromised, am talking of a greedy taxi driver who may have driven the terrorists into the Mall and kept quiet because they paid him well, I am talking of that Car Hire company that may have hired out their vehicle for this purpose just because the money was very tempting, I am talking of the Kenyans who may have hosted these terrorists for the period they were planning this horrendous act, I am talking of the Kenyans who sold them or hired out their mobile phones for this purpose. I am talking of that greedy police officer at the boarder who may have been bribed to look the other way and allow deadly weapons into the country, I am talking of that neighbor who may have overheard the planning of this terrorist attack and turned the other side. 

I am talking of the selfish and greedy Kenyans who allow drug traffickers to operate in our country for personal gains, am talking of those greedy policemen and women and the so called provincial administrators who arm and protect cattle rustlers in the Rift Valley to raid other communities in order to get cattle for sale locally or for export, just for their own aggrandizement. If for sure you are a Kenyan and played a part in this, however small it may be, and is watching the mayhem, the pain, the suffering that innocent children, women and everyone else has been subjected to, then you need to search deep inside your heart and evaluate why you really live in this country. If this does not weigh on your conscience, then I have no other word for you other than to say that YOU ARE A DEVIL!

I am sure that this would not have happened if a Kenyan did not accept to be compromised with money to allow these gunmen into the country, provided them with guns, grenades, allowed the safe passage of these deadly weapons into our country and hosted them for the period they have been here. The sad this is that Kenyan somewhere played a part in this just for greed!!!

It pains that Kenyans have thrown their patriotism to the dogs for mere greed!!!