Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The government and the security structure must take pragmatic steps and provide a broad-based strategic plan to curb and avoid these momentum of violence from hitting a crescendo!"

"‎Kenya is becoming a battle ground that is seemingly giving terrorists the chance they have always wanted - to dismantle our peace and tranquility!! Schools are closed, hospitals are ten-fold their capacity with victims of gun shots, Garissa market is burning, all we hear is gun-fire from every corner .....

.Do we need to ask Somalia for their SDF (Somalia Defence Force) to help us. What happened to this great nation that was an embodiment of a growing democracy, stability and commercial hub for Africa? Let us engage the media to call out for peace, our military and police force should act measurable and responsibly and not shoot randomly and carelessly as we have seen in the last few days. I have not seen the security arm speak out publicly to condemn this inferno and mayhem that is engulfing nation.

Yes, it is only a few months to elections. Many Kenyans are still nursing the wounds we sustained from PEV 2007. We certainly do not wish for another- God Forbid. But with MRC in the recent months, Mandera interclan violence, Multiple explosions and killings in Garissa, the Baragoi police massacre and sustained sectarian face-off in Eastleigh, this nation must worry that these might be only signs heralding widespread election violence.