Friday, February 10, 2012


Days ago, as on several occasions, we witnessed one of the most volatile day at Jamia Mosque with people screaming and shouting inside the mosque immediately after the Dhuhur(Mid-Day) prayers. Security officials at the mosque were really up to task but were overpowered by the Worshippers ....This happened after one of the Worshippers stood immediately after prayers to try get his luck on contributions meant for Dawa..Islamization project his group do at the Nairobi's Uhuru Park.

On another occasion, our correspondents say, they were told the mosque has never had "committe's election" for the past 20 years, from the time Sheikh Ali Shee was moved out of the Jamia Mosque. Later, our correspondents reported that, some officials have decided to make the mosque, "their own property"....Managing it the way they want, without involving other Muslims. I am told, the Mosque was a "waqf" property meaning that, it is for all muslims but some people(committee) were formed to oversee it.

Jamia Mosque' is a mosque located on Banda Street, NairobiKenya in the Central Business District. The mosque is one of Kenya's most prominent religious structures, and the most important mosque in the country.Nairobi's largest population pray during Friday and other times of prayer.
The mosque is recognizable by its silver domes, and two twin minaretsNeedless to say, when the less powerful man immediately rose up to seek some help from the worshippers, the security officials pounced on him and it was there the fracas happened.

For your information, our reporters tell us, it has now become a rule that, should you want to say anything in Jamia Mosque, Nairobi, you have to pass a very lengthy and most tedious process through the Jamia Mosque Committee, headed by Mr. Osman Warfa. Critics tell us that Mr. Warfa, who has been the Chairman ever since the committee was instituted, runs the Mosque and many people complain about his handling of matters. Some Worshippers say, he has run the mosque in adequately,  through tedious means. His committee will not see you when you have a grievances or problems. They lock themselves in their offices on the top of the mosque and just won't see you. They put a security man at the door and you will never be allowed to say anything. This has not gone well with the Worshippers and now are demanding that the committee be allowed to hold elections afresh to get new Office bearers. This they say, will help remove rigid people infront of Worshippers and be able to know the problems facing the Muslim Ummah. The Mosque is touted as serving Muslims of Kenya and even Donor countries like Arab Countries pour a lot of money there knowing it is going for the welfare of Muslims.

Recently, someone was telling me that, The mosque doesn't post any audit/budgetary analysis for the adjacent Jamia Plaza where millions are collected monthly. The Mosque has other properties and collects a lot of money from wellwishers. I may privy to those information but if you look at the general mood of the Worshippers at the mosque, it is like the mood is not good.

The Chairman with his committe however need the status quo to continue. They have never announced any elections, any further supervision and mostly rely on the ignorance of people to these issues required to run a committe. The Jamia Mosque website has not been updated for the past 2 years or so. The reports that appear there are mostly of 2008-2009 period. There are no proper accounting as Jamia Mosque is run through a Waqf(Trust). Among respected Committee Members include, Former MP, Hon billow Kerrow and Kamukunji aspirant MP, Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed among others.

The mosque is alledged to pay school fees(bursary) to individuals whose children are known. If you are from a poor family and you are not known in any circle, I mean they don't know you, I hear they will take you for a ride. And if you try to complain, they will make sure, you will not get anything from the mosque. I am told it is like, Cohorts of people who are not accountable and don't necessarily adhere to any principles of mutual and social needs.

Today, we were perplexed to ask, but who is the owner of the said property? Is Jamia Mosque, Nairobi, a public utility or is it a Waqf(Islamic Property) or just, someone's property.....

Please don't take it personal but be advised that, your opinion will shape the way, The Jamia Mosque, Nairobi, Kenya will be run in future...