Saturday, October 16, 2010


Northern Kenya Development Minister Mohamed Elmi has criticised a recent statement by Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission Chairman Bethwel Kiplagat, denying the Wagalla Massacre occurred.

He said it is unfortunate the man assigned the responsibility of digging the truth and reconciling the nation could deny the killings and still expect Kenyans to have confidence in him.

"I was shocked to watch him on television saying no government worth its salt would plot a massacre. His denial defeats the reason the commission was set up," said the minister, in whose constituency the killings occurred.

He said he personally witnessed the events and there is no doubt it happened. "We know what happened on that day. Many people went there to see dead bodies. How can someone deny that?" he posed.

He said Kiplagat was then a senior government official highly placed to know what happened. "He was the Foreign Affairs PS, which was a member of the defence committee. He should not deny it," Elmi said.

Among other Government officials during the Wagalla Massacre include Former PC, Benson Kaaria.