Thursday, October 07, 2010


Community leaders in Garissa have unanimously endorsed a raft of resolutions to end the violence that has claimed the lives of four people and left more than than 20 houses torched. Among the resolutions is a freeze on the movement of people from 6 p.m to 6 a.m. and intensified police patrols and restriction of movement in clash prone settlements with North Eastern PC James ole Serian saying the government will deploy General Service Unit(GSU) and the Rapid Deployment Unit(RDU) if need be.
A police curfew has been imposed in Masalani, Sambul and Bula Iftin in Garissa after two clans clashed over land. The clashes left three people dead and seven houses torched. Confirming the incident, North Eastern police boss James Adoli said five suspects have been arrested in connection with the clashes.
Adoli said police have deployed more security officers to the area to restore calm. He appealed to area residents to stop fleeing as police have beefed up security. The PPO said a major security meeting was held in Garissa town led by Defense Minister Yusuf Haji to settle the matter. Police have also been mandated to hunt down those that are believed to have been responsible for the violence after fierce accusations from local leaders on a security laxity before and during the clashes.
In an emotional meeting where elders from the warring clans shed tears during the reconciliation meeting at the Farmers Training Centre in Garissa, religious and political leaders called for unity members urged their community leaders to embrace dialogue and resolve any of their outstanding issues amicably. Present during the meeting were Defense Minister Yussuf Hajji, Livestock Assistant minister Aden Dualle and Nominated MP Sofia Abdi Noor and religious leaders who all condemned the government for laxity as people were killed and property destroyed.
An elder, Mohamed Duale, told Mr ole Seriani that the government was responsible since no arrests have been made despite three days of skirmishes.
"It was the efforts of then PC Mohammud Swaleh that peace was attained in this region 10 years ago ,today you are unable to contain a fight that has erupted 100m away from your office "said Mr Duale, amid sobs.
The PC, who said he was away in Nairobi during the chaos, told the leaders that he was embarrassed to find that no arrest has been made.
He paraded the provincial security committee and told them to either perform their task and mandate to safeguard the lives and property of the locals or else they will be held responsible for negligence.
Defence minister Yusuf Haji told police to ensure that all those armed with spears and pangas were arrested and taken to court. He also said anyone suspected to have masterminded the clashes be arrested and charged.
Dujis MP Aden Dualle and Supkem chairman Abdullahi Salat urged elders to stand firm on the resolutions made through the peace meeting.
"Lets not waste any more minute, let the elders ,politicians and religious leaders take microphones and go round the affected areas to preach peace as we have agreed here," Mr Dualle said.