Saturday, September 25, 2010



Catholic fathers reaching The Somali Prostitutes in Kenya

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"I read in the paper that the Kenyan prostitutes are getting very angry with the Somali prostitutes, because they are gaining the market. So with Undugu social workers, I went to the nightclubs in Nairobi, and to my astonishment these Somali girls, from 18-22 look so beautiful, that there must be somebody behind them, because they dress so well. I wouldn't say expensive, because often expensive clothes don't look well. But they are so refined in their taste for Europeans that we started looking after them.

Now my way to get at people who are unreachable is through medicine. When they say to me in the nightclub that they want to go to the hospital, I ask what illness? If they tell me it is malaria, I know what side of the body the 'malaria' is. It is generally the rather low parts-- it is just a name for another illness.

Now there is so much Aids, I know that 80% of the girls are sero-positive, have Aids in one form or another. So I take them to the hospital, and that is going to the heart.

I reach the unreachable by taking them to the hospitals. We have a holistic approach. We are teaching the Somali prostitutes English and Swahili, and at the same time teach them about Aids, about health care, looking after yourself. Especially once we have taught them enough English, we say now learn hairdressing, we will pay for you."