Friday, April 09, 2010

THE CHURCH CAN'T HOLD KENYANS AT RANSOM.....We need a new Constitution...

It is reported that, The assistant minister for Livestock Development, Aden Bare Dualle, has called for religious tolerance and respect for all religions in the country. He said it was hypocritical for some church leaders to threaten to mobilize their followers to vote against the proposed new constitution at the referendum.  Speaking at a funds drive in Garissa, Dualle said those opposed to the Kadhi's court should stop misleading Kenyans and allow for the continued peaceful co-existence of Muslims and Christians for the country's prosperity. Nyanza council of churches said passing of the draft without amendments was a move in the right direction, as the constitution, if put in place, could be amended later. Council Chairman Washington Ngede lauded MPs for casting personal and party interests aside. He noted that the new Constitution would address many issues that afflict Kenyans on a day to day basis.

The assistant minister who is also the Dujis Member of Parliament, urged all Kenyans to vote for the draft, saying the search for a new constitution had come a long way and speaking also at the same function, Garissa mayor, Mohamed Gabow, also supported the proposed constitution, saying it was the best for the country as it would give Kenyans more say in the way the country is governed.

Elswhere, Church leaders from Nyanza and Western provinces have distanced themselves from calls by the National Council of Churches of Kenya-NCCK, to reject the proposed Constitution.

Kenyans have been urged to vote for the draft Constitution that was passed in Parliament last week come the time of the referendum.