Thursday, May 07, 2009


Parliament approved the boundaries review commission despite protests by 18 Coast MPs rejecting the nominee from the Province.

While moving the motion, the chair of the Parliamentary Select Committee which picked the nominees, Mr Abdikadir Mohammed, said the nominees were “prominently qualified” in the area.

The nine nominees are: Mr Ligale, Ms Jedidah Ntoyai, Ms Irene Masit, Mr Mwenda Makathimo, Mr Joseph Kaguthi, Dr John Nkinyangi, Mr Murshid, Mr Abdullahi Sharawe and Ms Rozaah Buyu. Each province, Mr Abdikadir said, is represented with Rift Valley getting two nominees in what the PSC’s Vice Chair Ababu Namwamba said was “due to its vast territory and populous nature.” Mr Namwamba lauded the new team terming it as filled with “solid experience” and “unquestionable technical and professional competence.”

The IIBRC is tasked with looking afresh into the boundaries with a view to ensuring equitable representation in the House. With the approval of the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission at 5.00 p.m., the House lacked further business and adjourned one hour, thirty minutes earlier than scheduled.