Monday, April 06, 2009


What is happening or is set to be happening in Kenya is not good for all of us and we must do something.... Parties fighting at the expense of Kenyans…. The same old story, PNU and ODM……Imagine a country where the civil service was divided between ODM and PNU. Now.... imagine a country where the security services are divided between ODM and PNU...........but not everybody in Kenya is in ODM or PNU so what happened to agenda item number four? It would appear the members of the two political parties are so busy fighting each other that they have forgotten the plight of the Kenyan.

Speaking at Makadara Today, Prime Minister Raila acknowledged that all is not well in the Grand Coalition and that "there is a proble"...a very big problem which can be solved. The PM was quoted as saying

"We are not in Government as invited third parties. We won the election fair and square. We beat PNU in six out of eight provinces. We have 100 MPs, they have 45, they have less than 500 councillors we have over 1,000. Even a mad person knows ODM won the election," said Raila.

and after that goes on to say......

"He (Kibaki) has no respect for me. Respect is a two-way traffic. We have been patient enough. We signed the National Accord to restore peace, but we are being taken for granted. From today, we will go back to the people and demand reforms," said Raila.

Then an angry Raila asked: "What kind of Government are we leading yet when I speak as the Prime Minister, the President contradicts me?"

Why is RAILA angry then,

"We are not begging for these reforms. Kenyans are hungry and suffering and some people are happy about cosmetic changes, which cannot restore the stability and prosperity of this country," said Raila who signalled that his party ODM would embark on rallies to press for faster implementation of reforms, including a new constitution, institutional reforms in the Judiciary, police, lands and electoral commission and address unemployment.
"Do not listen to propaganda that we want to renegotiate the National Accord. We are calling on our partners PNU to agree to implement what is already in the agreement," said Raila.

The PM also said chief mediator Kofi Annan came as a Good Samaritan and a goodwill ambassador to broker the peace deal and that, "Annan wanted us not to be revisited by the chaos and violence we witnessed after the disputed General Election and proposed a road map to reforms. It is that agenda that ODM stands for and nothing else,"

"Let nobody dream that we will give outsiders time to divide the coalition. We will campaign for reforms to ensure our half loaf has a sandwich, butter and jam," said Sirma.

Now ...Now ....Now....Let us be straight to the talk. What do we mean by reforms and half a loaf. This is not quite understood by many Kenyans. It is half a loaf if we say, Give Musa Sirma, some work while Kenyans languish in corruption, it is not half a loaf for pro-reform(ODM) and Kenyans when we need to share Ambassadors and government work when even important sectors like Judiciary, Electoral commissions, The Internal Security, The Police, Immigration and creation of employment have not been taken care of.

We, Kenyans do not care if you share or not share, what we need is reforms. Full stop. We need reforms in various sectors which will bring about harmony and stability in the country. Kenyans are hardworking people and we need to move to issues that really affect common mwananchi and not day in day out political machinations....We have Famine, drought in Northern Kenya and parts of Eastern, We have Migingi Island issue, We have the Constituional work waiting, we need to set up an electoral commision, we need media laws, we need reforms in secuirty and the police, stopping of corruption and so on.... we have so many things waiting for us... we can list them here....

So Please and Please, avoid us all these NEGOTIATIONS and RE-NEGOTIATIONS and HALF LOAVES, JAM and BUTTER...We need reforms....