Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. What satisfaction it must have given Chirau Ali Mwakwere, who once got a thumping from PM Raila Odinga over his running of the Transport ministry, to suggest installing a toilet in Raila’s car. It seems he has inspired other whipping boys (like Mutula Kilonzo whose metropolitan idea Tinga spat on) to spring up with sarcastic ideas on salary harmonisation!

Talking of harmonisation, it’s not just on the temporary salary arrangement where things need to change. We may have to get Raila a new official car since the S350 Mercedes Benz he now has is ‘equal’ to the VP’s. Then there’s the house business. Taxpayers have poured some Sh200 million (possibly more) into an official residence for the VP under construction in Karen. What about a house for Raila?

Still on Raila: Is it true the shabby treatment that he ranted about in Mombasa was of his office’s making? Palaver has it on authority that an official at the PM’s ‘punch drunk’ office wrote to Mombasa authorities saying Raila would be in the coastal town to officiate at a fisheries function. But a day or two before the event, another official called to call off the meeting!

Propagandists (reading off some master script?) are busy putting about the idea Kenya and Uganda have different policy objectives on Migingo island in Lake Victoria. Shock on you: A joint communique signed in March shows goals like fewer Kenyan fishermen and stricter law enforcement on the Kenyan side are shared. So don’t be surprised if, as I said before, there’s not only no ‘fight’ but the welcome mat is rolled out for the Ugandans!

And finally...

Dog-crazy Americans will soon be able to buy a pet-friendly car with a dog bed in the trunk, fitted with a built-in water bowl and fan and a ramp to help less agile dogs climb in. Japanese car maker Honda unveiled the pet friendly utility vehicle in New York last week. Is there a market for it? In a recession? Americans spend $41 billion a year on pets, a figure forecast to rise to $52 billion in two years!