Friday, April 03, 2009


Kenya, our dear country has become synonymous with corruption...corruption... corruption...Hey, Now this is serious....Although we are not the most corrupt country in the world, but the degree at which we are going needs some thorough check...True, what is happening all around us cannot go un-checked..... Even today, US President, B.Hussein Obama, while attending NATO's summit in Strasborg, France had this to say....and imagine in a town hall kind of questions and answers...

Asked about what he can do to help poor countries match or fix their economies........President Obama had a duty to explain that there are a lot of differences between rich and poor countries and had also some very good messages for autocratic and corrupt countries of the third world. Obama himself had travelled to his father's country, Kenya and saw how Kenyans are going on with their lives and had this to say....

" And my father was from Kenya, and when I traveled to Kenya, I had just been elected to the United States Senate. Everybody was very excited and, you know, they greeted me and -- you know, as if I was already a head of state. And, you know, there were people waving and lining the streets. I went to speak at a university, and I had to be honest, which was, America has an obligation to provide Kenya help on a whole range of issues. But if Kenya doesn't solve its own corruption problem, then Kenya will never grow. It will never be able to provide for its own"

That was Superb as he acknowledges that we need some support but after we fix our own issues...Mr. Obama, while explaining all that, as an example, had to refer to his previous lecture in Kenya, Nairobi University, where he had to lecture Kenyans about corruption and governance way back in 2006. Yes, we have a lot of problems in Kenya and many of you know this and we need help especially from developed countries like the US... All of you know that, we have problems in various sectors including ..Immigrations, Electoral, Judiciary, Police, Human rights, Majimboism and much more...He knows this, US and development partners know this and we need to help ourselves. This is sickening and we need a lot of change in Kenya. This is not about PNU, ODM or whatever tribes you know of in Kenya, It is about our country and how we want it governed.

Infact all the executive and judiciary sectors, There is corruption everywhere and we do keep crying everyday to an extent that we have no Electoral commission set upto now to monitor and prepare for some constitutional procedures. What is happening in Kenya is self made. We need to fix our country and not wait for help from others all the time. Even as Obama has an eye on his roots in Kenya, that should not mean, we have to wait for Obama or the US to come and fix our own issues. We have to act fast.

Otherwise, tukiendelea vile tulikuwa tukifanya mambo yetu, Nothing will work and we are going to loose this good country.

Obama Nairobi University Speech............