Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Danson Mungatana( The World Re-knowned, Mamba Eater) has also quit the Kenya’s coalition government where he served as an Assistant Minister following the example of his political boss Martha Karua.

Mr Mungata, the Garsen legislator, told reporters at the Ministry of Medical Services offices that he too was opting to step aside from the divisive and graft embroiled government. He is the immediate former Medical Services Assistant Minister, a position he secured because of a partnership with the President’s Party of National Unity (PNU) which granted key affiliates spoils in the coalition. He was also the Secretary General of the Coalition Government Party Group (GPG).

Mr. Mungatana's resignation is however seen as pleasing that of his boss, Hon Martha Karua who nowadays seems to be his teacher. Otherwise Mungatana is also famous for opposing many political reforms in the country.