Monday, April 06, 2009


PNU & ODM are making di-service to Kenyans over their "stupid" arguments now and then over petty petty issues while Kenyans are suffering because of mis-management and lack of reforms in government key sectors including the Judiciary, Security (The Police + Intelligence), Immigration and Governance on other issues like Corruption. What they are arguing is nonsense to us( Wananchi) Parastatal Jobs, Ambassador Jobs and so on instead of talking about much needed reforms. Kenyans have gone to election not for you to get jobs only but to streamline the governance, make reforms that Kenyans are dearly hoping for. Reforms are needed so much by Kenyans that they thought this Grand Coalition will be our platform to make it serious, issues which the Third Liberation of Kenya is standing for.

Take this as an example, There are instances where political "freinds" some aged over normal "retire" age in Kenya, are recycled. Speaking only a few days after President Kibaki swore in five new judges against her advice, Ms Karua was quoted as saying: “If my hands are tied and the Judiciary continues to be used as a place where people sacked from parastatals are recycled, the agenda is forestalled and all reforms are annihilated, then I better leave and fight for the rights of ordinary mwananchi (citizen) .” Mrs Karua, from PNU has just resigned complaining of "stoppage of reforms" in the country. This should not be allowed to happen in Kenya. She was among politicians who spoke about mal-pratices during the MOI-regime..

Ms Karua said she was not prepared to be in charge of a ministry unable to conduct reforms which Kenyans were promised and instead would be comfortable seeking the presidency from a humble position. Ms Karua spoke after attending a church service at the Anglican Church of Kenya Church in Nairobi.

Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi told reporters that Ms Karua’s resignation was a sign that there were issues that needed urgent redress. “She is raising issues that ought to be tackled. The worst thing that can happen is for the reform process to be derailed. It does not look for resignations to start taking place. I do not have details of Martha’s concerns but she may have some legitimate concerns which have made her feel that she should not sit as the Minister for Justice,” Mr Mudavadi said in response to queries from reporters.

ODM on it's side say, The president who is from PNU doesn't respect them on the National Accord, having ignored Parliament’s role when carving out new districts (A very serious item on Agenda 4 of the Koffi Annan Led Negotiation that forestalled Violence and Civil War In Kenya that broke out leaving 1,133 people dead and a further 350,000 displaced after the 2007 General Election.

"Why is the president usurping the powers of parliament? There should be rule of law. The president is running the government in a primitive way," “The government has not even budgeted for the too many districts and DCs have no offices or facilities to discharge their duties. Where is the need of forming a boundary commission when somebody is creating the districts single handedly?” Mr Odinga posed over the Press.
While all these are happening, still many people, refugges in their own country, The IDP's have not gone back to their homes upto today fearing for their lives and we have not even settled properly. Many people who were self reliant, have not tended their farms this year, hence relying on hand-outs, excerberrating the already fragile famine situation in the country. The president has also declared famine a national disaster and the response is slow.

Corruption is almost everywhere...Just this week, Kenya Airports Authority has been linked to a "Scandal" that would cost our country hell of money in corrupt ways. Some reformists like Minister Orengo, who is known for his anti-corruption crusade even complain that, KAA Managing Director, George Muhoho, related to the Deputy Prime Minister, Uhuru Kenyatta has been re-instated after several boards requested he steps aside....There are issues where Amos Wako, who is supposed to be the care-taker of Government legal apparatus blocks the files related to Anglo-Leasing in which our country lost so much money. Why can't he and Ringera of KACC (Kenya Anti-Corruption) not work hard to put the concerned individuals to book if the government is serious about corruption cases....

There is so much going on around. People starving while politicians "complain" of half a loaf of their side of negotiations. Imagine, as a joke in Kenya, There are companies in Kenya, which are owned by politicians and which don't follow government laid down procedures on taxations, skipping payments, making fictitious payments and under deals. All these are done in full view of the ordinary Mwananchi, who is helpless, causing great strains on the economy, going un-cheked and no proper laws instituted.

As close to 10 million Kenyans struggle with famine, the Grand Coalition Government has been engaged in a spending spree on fuel guzzling limousines. Ministers from across the political divide have been struggling to outdo each on the make, cost and class of vehicles at their disposal.
Most of the cars the ministers are being chauffeured in are new Mercedes S series models costing as much as Sh20 million each. The vehicles are custom-made to the buyer’s specifications. Prime Minister Raila Odinga, for instance, was allocated a Mercedes S350, a “lower” model than Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka’s Mercedes S500. The latter car was also used by former Vice-President Michael Wamalwa. Most of the other ministers were bought Mercedes S280 cars. A Mercedes S350 is valued at between Sh13 million and Sh20 million depending on the specifications. An E Class is worth at least Sh9 million. The ministers usually have two or three other vehicles for their use. Others, including Internal Security minister George Saitoti, Environment’s John Michuki and the deputy prime ministers, also have chase cars.

Sharp political differences, suspicion and grandstanding and vested interests led to the collapse of a meeting of political bigwigs called to discuss the management of the Grand Coalition Government on Saturday, which Kenyans were hoping would end in an agreement so that, remaining agenda 4 could be immediately tackled. We are strained by these continous PNU-ODM rivalry all the time and we hope Kenyans will decide what is good for them. This is not good for Kenya.