Wednesday, March 25, 2009


All of you agree with me that NEP is relatively a peaceful province compared to other Kenya Provinces and that we are witnessing some development in that of Kenya. We all agree that we should just keep on concentrating ourselves on development to catch up with the rest of Kenyans to attain the 2030 Goal(although invisible but attainable). The previous Clan clashes and the Shifta war have all evaporated thanks to our youth who shunned tribalism and clannism and embraced development. Lakini the kind of abductions that happened today in Mandera in which Four Kenya educational officials from Wajir on their way to mandera to attend the Kenya Provincial Football game contests were abducted by AlShabaab will surely put our relative development over the years back to the way it was in the 80's. It is absurd and not to mention, a risk to our development agendas for the marginalized province.

We hereby would urge Al Shabaab and other groups operating in Somalia that Kenya is totally a different country and not Somalia and that please just solve and involve yourselves with Somalia and leave us alone in Kenya.We don't need problems in Kenya after what we suffered during the 1960's to 80's. We therefore would urge the Kenyan Government to deal with the border issue between Kenya and Somalia with the seriousness it deserves.

Kenya Police should not be in the business of "negotiating" with Alshabaab or any other group. We should deal with them if any other way doesn't work. These people are operating illegally within Somalia and have also stretched their activities inside Kenya. We should not allow Kenya to be used as a base for Al Shabaab.

We Kenyans also have to be careful with our part of Kenya because we have a responsibility to be in Kenya. How do you want the Kenya Government to work or to function properly when we put ourselves in risks accomodating people who want us problems and under-development...We should support the Intelligence agencies..

Read the story below:

A somali militant group has kidnapped four Kenya government officers in North Eastern Province. The Al-Shabaab abducted the officials on their way to attend the Provincial primary school ball games tournament in Mandera town.Wajir South District Education Officer Mr Moses Mwangi, his Quality Assurance colleague Mr Charles Nyakundi, the Provincial Quality Assurance officer Mr Onchiri Onyancha, their driver, a Mr Abdullahi, and an unnamed Wajir South based education officer were abducted at about 10 am. The vehicle they were travelling in was reportedly intercepted by heavily armed Al- Shabaab militiamen who commandeered it into Somalia.