Wednesday, March 04, 2009


It is reported that, The Kenyan military soldiers in the border between Somalia and Kenya have released at least seven Somali lorry trucks, on Wednesday.

Locals said that the trucks were released after the scholars and the businessmen in Lower Jubba region made more efforts for releasing the vehicles and lastly achieved to free them from the Kenyan soldiers.

The passengers and Lorries were safe and there were no torturing or other punishment committed to the Somali detainees but reports from Kismayu town say that the soldiers took fining money from the Somali people.

The Kenyan soldiers captured the trucks and their passengers from Amumma village in the border between Somalia and Kenya in over the past week as the vehicles were from the port town of Kismayu in southern Somalia to Hagar-dheer refugee camp in Kenya.

The released trucks and their passengers were in the hands of the Kenyan military forces in the border for 10 days and reports from there say that they traveled to Hagar-dheer refugee camp in Kenya where trucks were heading earlier.

The Kenyan soldiers in the border between Somalia and Kenya often arrest and take illegal money from the Somali people fleeing from the conflicts and problems in Somalia and those enter the neighboring country of Kenya to get shelter and refuge.
The Kenyan Government has repeatedly been accused of not doing enough to protect it's border.