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Above, Ken, A Garissa missionary advocate talking previously about their work and post election crisis in Garissa. This guy is working with other missionaries in Frontier Life School.

As you are reading this, Christian missionaries are doing great job in your own backyard, in Dadaab and Garissa and adjacent districts like Garsen spreading the Word of God.....

Pray that God help us all in the right direction.....Ameen....

Meet Rvd Joseph Galgallo and a London vicar, Graham Kings, who raise money for children of nomads in Northern Kenya, money that also go to what is called The Adano Fund of the Church Mission Society of St Marys Church, Islington, UK. The Adano Fund supports six primary schools in the semi arid desert in Northern Kenya, founded by Andrew Adano.

In 1990, Joseph Galgalo was teaching in one of the schools. In 1999 he was studying for a PhD in theology at Cambridge and co-led the Camel Walk with Graham who taught theology in Kenya and Cambridge. Joseph is now a Professor of Theology at St Pauls University, Limuru, Kenya.

The main topic today is the issue of spreading Christianity in a predominantly Muslim enclaves of Nothern Kenya where Kenyans of Somali, Borana, Rendille, Gabra reside. Somalis form almost 70% of these communities living in North and North Eastern Kenya although there are significant Borana and rendille communities in the north west part and outstretching to the Rift valley areas.

Christian missionaries are currently active in various parts of Garissa, with the establishment of Frontier Life Mission School, complete with a bus, touring Dadaab refugee camps, Garsen districts and so on.

They are showing Jesus films to communities which have never heard about Christianity. Other areas they operate freely are in Eastern and Rift Valley provinces like the Laisamis missionaries in Rendille districts, Missionary schools funded from German, The UK and US. There is also the Borana, Sakuye initiative through the Joshua Project

Generally, The Somalis, all over the world, are said to have accepted Islam in the 1000s or, according to some scholars, even the 900's. Somalis commitment to Islam is so paramount that this has led to the development of legendary claims of lineages in the Arabian Peninsula, although not fully discussed. Kenyan Somalis like their kinsmen in Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti do staunchly profess unwavering commitment to Islam and thororughly fight any attempts to christinize them.

Islamic organizations had established NGOs and brought financial aid from Muslim countries in Sudan, South Africa, North America, Europe, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia and Iran although now, The US war on terror has blacklisted many of them. They are now overtaken by the christian missionaries who are obsessed with assisting communities with basic neccesities such as water, building classrooms for schools, assisting in eradicating illiteracy and so on. The US government as well as other governments gives them a hand and pressurises the Kenyan Government to curb on these Islamic NGO's. Kenyan Muslims have time and again complained of harrasment of security agencies in co-opertaion with US anti-terror agencies.

Christian NGO's have a free hand in North and North eastern Kenya as they are across the country.

An Example of the work they do can be found here,
The Pullman foursquare Church missionaries ..

Many Christian missionaries also despise Islam and mis-interpret Islam as the picture below.

Christian NGO's as far as those coming from USA, not only spread christianity but relocate vulnerable refugees from Somalia and Sudan and often uses them to teach them the word of God even after relocation. They can be found doing their stuff on Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee camps where many Muslims are vulnerable. Examples of this, include, The World Church Council which works with IMO(International Organization for Migration).

While Christian missionaries have been in Northern Kenya from time immemorial, little have been achieved. Efforts at Christian mission have met with little success. The Somali are a very proud group and associate Christianity with people whom they regard as inferior. There are only a few hundred Somali Christians worldwide and many hide on the pretext of getting some few dollars or to be considered for relocation to Western countries.

Some Christian missionaries have been concentrating on the most easy prey. The Gabra, Boranas and the rendilles. for Example, In the Joshua Project, a Christian missionary database worldwide, which says Somali Christians are despised, few Ajuran are said to have a deep understanding of Islam although they consider Christians to be inferior.

Somali Sab who are Muslims comprise 0.11 % Christian adherents.
Somali Ajuuraan, comprise 1.00 % Christian adherents.
Rendille form 0.19 % Christian Adherents Burji form 10.00 % Christian Adherents.
Boranas are classified under Oromos and form 8.00% of Christian adherents in Kenya although emphasis have been given that "Today, there is a great need for Christian workers among the Oromo and that leadership & training the disciple of new believers is critical if growth is to continue, and new churches are to be planted".

But what about the direct missionary influence on people who were originally Muslim. What do these Christian missionaries advocate and give these people to convert from their religion. You remember the Father John schools in North Eastern Kenya or as they used to be called Boy's town. Needy Somalis were prompted with some food ration, free school for their children. These same same tactics which failed miserably in Somali areas have been relocated to various "easy" people especially the Rendilles"....

Click here to see some picture documentary of Christian missionaries

In an article published by the BBC on Christian Missionaries in Northern Kenya, our people are considered what The McGregors calls the "un-reached".

He says " The missionaries had arrived with the Christian message for the nomadic camel herders on Kenya's northern borders.

These are what are known as the "un-reached" - people with traditional African religions never before approached by missionaries"...This was not the stern Christianity of the early missionaries with their European disapproval of indigenous practices. Instead, a new Africanised Christianity is being presented t
o susceptible people and It is said, Missionaries are adopting a more sophisticated approach.

On the right is a Borana convert

Although the Somali did not have a written script until 1972, they already have a translation of the Bible in their language. Unfortunately, the activities of missionaries among the Somali have met with little success.

Christian missionaries reports however say, Somali Christians are despised. Much contact work has been done by Christians working in medical, aid and literacy ministries in refugee camps in Kenya, where some Somalis have been interested and responsive. The gospel is most clear to them when it is presented in Biblical poetic stories. The entire Bible is available in standard Somali. Somali literacy is about 25%. Radio broadcasts and taped Christian messages are more successful, attested by mail responses to the broadcasts. Somali-language Bible correspondence courses have had some modest success.

What is your take on these Christian missionaries in your own backyard.........?????

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