Friday, October 17, 2008


It's not a joke......Obama jokes about his identity

Kenyan MPs have called for an airport in the west of the country to be upgraded for Air Force One in case Barack Obama wins the US elections. Senator Obama's father was born in Nyanza Province and the MPs say the local Kisumu airport should be expanded in case he wants to visit after being elected. Barack Obama's grandmother lives in the village where his father was born near Kisumu, named Kogelo.

The Illinois senator is a local hero in his father's homeland, where a local beer has been named after him. A secondary school(high school) has also been named after him. Mr Obama has never lived in Kenya and he has visited just three times. The MPs from Nyanza Province said it was clear that Mr Obama was going to clinch the US presidency, the private Nairobi Star newspaper reported. Mr Obama will face Republican John McCain in the 4 in the november elections, he is poised to win. Already leading polls show Obama in a two digit point lead over McCain.

Mr Obama's father was from Alego-Kogello village which is 60km (37 miles) from Kisumu.

Kisumu Town MP Aluoch Olago told parliament that the delay in the airport's expansion was a major concern, the Nairobi Star reported. Transport Minister Chirau Mwakwere said the airport's expansion programme was behind schedule, and is expected to be complete by July 2010.