Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Dujis ODM Member of Parliament, Aden Duale censured the Waki Report on post election violence for having left "other" massacres like the wagalla massacre of 1984, which he says would warrant investigations.

Duale was speaking at this years Kenyatta Day celebrations in Garissa Baraza Park where the PC talked about the Mandera clashes.

The PC urged Mandera communities to live as neighbours and stop further escalation of the clashes

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For information on Wagalla massacre, Please read here.........

The Kenyan government had previously admitted making mistakes that hundreds of ethnic Somalis were killed in the north-east of the country in 1984 carried out by the security agencies under instruction from the then, Minister of State for Internal Security, G.G Kariuki. Parliament was told by Ruto, in 2000, that three-hundred-and-eighty people had died in what's been called the Wagalla massacre, which took place during a drive by the security forces against shifta bandits. The government had said that only fifty-seven people had died earlier on.

Ellias Barre Shill, The parliamentarian from North Eastern Kenya, who raised the issue charged that more than one-thousand ethnic Somalis were victims of the killings of 1984 and wanted the Kenyan government to apologise and pay compensation to the families.

Other massacres that happened in North Eastern province include the Garissa Massacre, in which many Somalis were killed by the Kenyan government secuirty forces in 1980 in Garissa District, North Eastern Province, Kenya.