Friday, September 12, 2008


Last week Clashes in Mandera has been a very bad serious issue that we need to sort out as NEPIANS. We have said time and again, we need development through Education and playing politics but not this kind of wars that takes our people back thousands of kilometres back.All learned people of NEP must help unite people so that we can strive further in terms of development. It is said NEP is the least developed province in Kenya.

What happenned in Mandera District last week should be resolved amicably. Those who are bent on "igniting" old wounds would not be entertained. We need to move ahead and work as brothers and Sisters.

The issue of having a party to represent the people of NEP has long been overdue. We need to also get a party that will unite our parliamentarians so that they can speak with one voice.We have so many things un-done and we people from NEP need to Co-operate and join other Kenyans to achieve development.