Monday, August 04, 2008


Kenya Police for the first, even after ignoring our earlier request to help us track our 19 Kenyans and other muslims held in Ethiopia and in Guantanamo, in a rendition, secret cells, are showing a picture of a man they claim bombed The US Embassy in Kenya, in the 1998 twin bomb blast of Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam.

They have circulated two photographs believed to be latest images of East Africa’s most wanted terror suspect-Fazul Abdallah Mohammed. The photographs were obtained from two passports seized in the weekend raid in Malindi during which they claim Fazul narrowly escaped the police dragnet.

Three of his close associates, including a woman were suspiciously arrested during the raid and have since been arraigned in court. They include Ibrahim Mafouth Ashour and Mahfouth Ashour and Mahfouth’s wife Luftia. The two suspects said to be Fazul’s aides were arrested on Saturday night while mahfouth’s wife was arrested on Sunday. They were all charged with the offence of being an accessory to fifteen counts of murder by harboring Fazul who is the main suspect.

Mombasa Chief Magistrate Catherine Mwangi ordered that they be remanded in custody until Friday when the court will make a ruling on whether they should be released on bail after the prosecution opposed their release.

Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) urged the court to give them time carry out further investigations.

It should be noted however that Kenyans have the habit of trying to associate bomb blast with Somalis, who form almost 3 million, a considerable number of the kenyan population as happened during last years City gate blast.

Police Spokesman Kiraithe, among the best spokesmen in Kenya so far, once rubbished up the idea once.

During the city gate blast, Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said they had discounted upon recieving earlier reports that a group of Somali men near the scene of the blast - may have been involved.

"Three people of Somali origin, reported by eyewitness to have disembarked from a taxi near the scene moments before the explosion have been traced and interrogated by police. It has now been established that the three were Rwandese nationals, who were going about their private business in Nairobi." Kiraithe Said of that blast.

But Ask yourself, Why Somalis......

Now, The Police say they arrested the three people in relation with Fazul, who is alleged to be the chief architect of the twin 1998 bombings of the US Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. At least 240 people were killed in the attacks.

They are now showing his passport as being from Garissa, a North Eastern town inhabited by Somalis. The new photographs released by police bore Fazul’s images which detectives said were obtained in Nairobi this February. Kiraithe said Fazul had been using the two passports in the names of Ali Mohamed Abubakar and Adan Hussein Ali

The 3 suspects are accused of harbouring Fazul even though they were aware that he was also involved in the 2002 bombing of the Israeli owned Paradise Hotel in Kikambala.

Lawyer Abubakar Yusuf who is acting for the three family members challenged the bid by the prosecution to detain his clients until Friday, arguing that it is a violation of their fundamental rights.

The suspects were taken to court under heavy guard by officers from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit following their highly publicised weekend arrests. They were later taken to unknown destinations after the brief court appearance for further questioning.

Each passport bore different birth dates and places.