Friday, July 04, 2008


A vendor is selling portraits of US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in Kisumu, on Thursday. The portraits, sold at Sh50, have been in demand since Obama won the US Democratic party nomination.

Many Kenyans, albeit the November US elections, already recognize Obama as the next president of USA, hoping to bridge the gap between the whites and the Blacks.While Obama's mother was a white from Kansas, his father was a Kenyan. Obama was born in Hawaii, USA.

Obama is regarded "a hero" both in USA and Kenya, who through odds is respected by millions of americans by his grasp, understanding and clear interpretation of the normal american lives and how to bring about change to millions of homes inside and outside the USA.

Through lineages of his father, many Kenyans (old and young) think it is the time americans utilize the "opportunity" to streamline their administration and enormously benefit from a "real" change in Washington-DC. Obama 45, is currently leading in most polls against his main rival, Republican McCain, aged 71.

Kenyans and many countries expect to benefit from the attractive foreign policy of "President" Obama once he is elected in as the President of United States of America come November, 2008.