Thursday, July 10, 2008


I was caught by attention reading this blog, I can't say this, for they are millions of blogs pasted all over the internet, vomiting "hatred" and smear campaign against Islam as a religion on one side and Obama as a presidential candidate on the other.

In these era of global union and inter-relation, the world has become a village, where people of various ethnicities know each other more, People interact and do business together, people understand cultures of others, respect religion of others. You will find indians in Europe, Africans in Japan, Arabs in China and European in Saudi Arabia.But what is chilling is to see those who call themselves "learned",
our freinds from US and western countries vomitting words towards Islam all the time, abusing Islam, Attacking Islam in all fronts, Islam this, Islam that.It has become a norm so serious that, no one takes them serious nowadays and many of these "Islamo-phobes" literature are now seen as words of "idiots and drunkards", people who have no moral standing anywhere in the world of 21st century.

All of you know the world is changing, The other day, I was with a freind, half caste belgian, french, a christian from Europe who came to visit Dubai for his summer vacation. My freinds was enjoying his holiday in peace and tranguility and was happy.We enjoyed much together and used to go for swimming in the hot sunny beaches of Dubai.

Although I have no problem with people of any religion and my freind was a nice person, one day, out of curiosity, reading all those bad stuff written against Islam on the internet,
by millions of replicated websites and blogs, run by stoptheaclu, dhimmiwatch, jihadwatch, meant to antagonize the rest of the world from not accepting Islam, I managed some time to ask him a very simple question, why do you guys from western countries talk a lot about Islam and relate Islam to terror, evil things and so on, when I can see you are happy and enjoying your summer holiday in Dubai in the midst of 200+nationalities, without any worries???

My freinds just got sharp and replied, who said Muslims are bad people...I told him many people from the west believe we are bad people, he told me, you know what? Those guys who say, Muslims are bad people, are backward people, many of them are just "drunkards" who don't know what they are talking about. He advised them to visit other countries of the world and see how the world has changed. He told me, these are the people who spread hatred in the world, spread evils in the world, They make innocent people digest their
"propaganda" against others from their controlled media.They make the world a bad place.They make people fight against others.

I reminded him that Dubai or for that matter, UAE is an Islamic country...and he told me, he liked the place, he likes the Muslim people, he didn't know if muslims can become so freindly like these and even mooted an idea of buying a residential house around here...which he says, will call his home. Now he feels more comfortable with Muslim people than before.

The article that caught my eyes, was however meant to smear "vitroils" on the Obama campaign as has become the norm nowadays. Obama, The democrat US presidential nominee has been "favourited" to win this years' November, US presidential election and GOP guys(The Republicans) feel they need to strain him. I am not saying that, this post is from the Republicans, but based on my own analysis, I am pretty sure, it comes from Obama's opponents.

Who are these people who vomit propaganda against Islam and Obama?

Vomitting "fiery" words will not help USA as most US citizens know, where america's is in the eyes of the world. US foreign policy has been messed up severely, many people, especially Muslims are lossing confidence with it.The rest of the world is almost fed up and think, it needs some direction. It's military has been involved in expeditions, in the battle named War on terror and is currently involved in Iraq, Afghanistan, some say Somalia, although not confirmed.

In the Obama's intended propaganda, which to me doesn't make sense, They talk of Kenya's Raila Odinga, Now PM, as being Obama's cousin, which is not. Mr Obama has previously been identified as a distant cousin of Vice-President Dick Cheney. Mr Obama's father came from the same Luo community as Mr Odinga but although Obama's father has been a luo, the same doesn't apply to Obama anymore.

Obama does relate to Kenya the way he relates to USA. Although his father was a Kenyan, his mum was an American. Coming from Odinga's tribe(clan) doesn't make Obama, a cousin of Raila. So the propaganda is empty. In Kenya, you may be a cousin to a distant person in your clan.

Again, to relate Islam with Raila Odinga, is pure nonsense.Both Obama and Odinga are Christians and confess to that religion. Odinga, while making bid for Kenya's presidency in 2007, did meet muslims, signed MOU's with them, the same way he met many other people, and signed with them MOU's. There was nowhere, Raila claimed Kenyan is for Muslims or that Islam will rule Kenya. Odinga just said, Muslims of Kenya were marginalized because of their religion Islam and that if he becomes a president of Kenya, he will fight for their cause and make them "feel equal" like other Kenyans.

Third, after putting Raila Odinga in the picture with Obama, The Obama's intended Propaganda was meant to create a link between all dictators, all presidents of suspicious regimes, War Mongers, atrocities and Obama.

What happened in Kenya after the disputed Kenya election was not a Raila or "Luo" affair.Kenyans of all walks of life were demanding fair in elections, they felt that, victory of their man of choice, Raila Odinga was incorrectly taken away and thus why violence happened.People were angry and many Kenyans resented on seeing Gikuyus, who were percieved as Kibaki people. That was not Muslims killing Christians, so we also call that empty talk.

No where did Raila make Kenya unstable and the purpoted 1982 coup, was comparable to what happened almost two decades later. People demanding change. Gikuyus were mentioned adversely in 1982 Kenya coup.So it was all Kenyans.

When you put the picture of World Trade Centre burning and Obama, what are you trying to show people, That Obama was among the 9/11 Hijackers? ...Obviously no, ...... The whole world filled with Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and everyone including Raila Odinga, Obama, Mccain, myself felt bad with what happened. We don't like those kind of atrocities happening anywhere and people like the author of thoe blogs are not part of the solution.
What Obama is for the americans= Change
What is Islam for the World = Solution