Tuesday, July 08, 2008


When Dualle Adan Barre(ODM-DUJIS) declared his interest in the Dujis parliamentary seat, not many people expected him to win a contest that he has taken head-on.

Not only did Dualle won the seat on an ODM ticket but for the first time broke Hussein Maalim’s 28-year reign, politics that also brought ‘opposition’ to an area previously perceived to support the government of the day. Clannism, which has defined the area’s politics for decades, still played a big role in his victory.

Since 1979, Dujis residents had only known one person, Mr Maalim Hussein, as the MP. Dualle Adan Barre is married to the daughter of retired Chief of General Staff, Mohamud Mohamed, who is also Maalim’s elder brother and therefore Duale's was percieved as having taken politics to the doors of his in-laws.

For those who don't know Maalim, he is of the fame "Hussein maendeleo" who previously held ministerial posts from the time he entered politics including Minister of State, Office of the President; Minister for Culture and Social Services, Home and Youth Affairs; Minister for Water and Development; Minister for Research and Technology, Minister for Health; Minister for Rural Development to 2002 and is a brother of retired General.

Duale's greatest challenge is to break from Maalim’s shadow and do something that he will be remembered for.
"Five year’s is a long time to do one big thing," says an observer adding that the MP should not "sit in Nairobi and then come back after five years and mourn that he had little time to turn things around."

Like other regions in North Eastern Province, Dujis, with a population of about more than 350, 000, is often hit by drought. Residents say the revival of Kenya Meat Commission has done little to improve their lives. They say market access is a problem because of poor roads.
They hope that Dualle, who was the chief executive officer of Livestock Marketing Society of Kenya, will inject some life into the sector threatened by weather vagaries, diseases and market scarcity.
Dualle, who hold a BA in Education Economics from Moi University, says understands challenges facing the pastoralist community. "I will improve veterinary services. Animals usually fail to attract local and international markets because of perceived livestock diseases in the region," he says.
"I will lobby the Government to post more officers and provide more drugs."
The MP also plans to push for microfinance credit facilities. " Livestock farmers need microfinance credit facilities which are Islamic religion compliant," he says.
He has already talked to donor agencies like USAid, Care and World Bank funded Arid Lands Resource Management Programme.
He is pursuing an MBA at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to sharpen his skills in business negotiation.

"One needs education, skills and experience to deliver," he says.
Dujis boasts of hosting many non-governmental organisations though there is little to show for it. Most residents depend on relief food, a culture they hope will end after the creation of the Ministry of Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands.
Like many MPs in the province, Dualle hopes to help improve water services, road network, and health facilities. "I want to rise above clan politics to offer leadership that would spur the constituency to greater heights," he says.
The MP says he plans to bring reform in education, with the help of professionals.

On roads, he says: " In collaboration with my colleagues in the region, we will lobby the Government to have roads tarmacked.
On health, is plan is "to improve health centres across the constituency to be pastoralist-friendly. Donors like Danida, Care and Path Finder have transformed the Garissa Provincial Hospital and want to upgrade Mbalambala Health Centre to a sub-district hospital and upgrade all other health centres.
On Immigration, he says, his constituents also hope he can help end the obstacles in acquiring national identity cards and passports.
Dujis is the most cosmopolitan in northern Kenya. The constituency hosts people from Wajir, Mandera, Ijara, other parts of the country as well as refugees in Daadab, Ifo and Hagaldera camps. These groups have different needs.
His other big headache will be the management of the CDF kitty, which has been dogged by controversy.
He is married to Zahara Mohammed and is a fan of English football.

But we ask which team?