Friday, June 27, 2008


Many of us who were brought up and studied in North Eastern province, Kenya know how NEP has been left behind in matters education from the rest of Kenya due to marginalization by succesive regimes of Kenyatta and Moi and a lot needs to be done.Many learned Somali Kenyans conclude that educational standards lag behind in NEP kenya and have from time to time, addressed the issue in various forums and seminars but nothing is being done.

While the government has started free school programmes all over the country, both primary and secondary, Still, we understand & due to the nature our people(nomadic), much to be done in various fronts.

It is this fact together with millions of our problems that ODM "campaigned" heavily for us regarding the creation of the Ministry of Northern Kenya, still headed by a Somali Kenyan for that matter, so that, we atleast manage to solve problems related to Northern Kenya with emphasis on Education, health and infrastructure that almost totally lacks over there.

The ministry is supposed to recieve atleast Ksh 30 Billion yearly so that we fulfill and maintain the spirit of 2030 Kenya's industrilization objectives.If that is not achieved, I am sorry to say, not much will come NEP way and the region will still be behind in all fields.

It is also because of this, that, this week, headteachers from northern Kenya asked the Ministry of Education to give their schools special consideration when allocating funds in the on-going Headteachers seminar in Mombasa.

The acting chairman of North Eastern Province headteachers Ibrahim Abdullahi emphasized the need to have an affirmative action for the unique challenges NEP is facing regarding education, be it mobile schools, mobile libraries, lack of teachers, Lack of enough teaching colleges coupled with the harsh climate.

Mr.Abdullahi talked about issues regarding transfers and absconding of teachers from down Kenya teaching in NEP schools.All of you know, that many teachers are non-somalis and tend to complain at KNUT or TSC(Teachers Service Commision) whenever they are posted to arid areas & especially in NEP.

Given suitable environment with options of educational infrastructure in place, NEP students normally tend to perform better than many of their counterparts from other parts of Kenya.